Finding A Legitimate Home Based Business

I do a lot of research online and sometimes spend countless hours studying different subjects involving online businesses. This gives me a break from doing my marketing and¬†provides me the time to really see what everyone else is doing successfully. I look over different companies and opportunities of others and I compare them to what […]

Stratos Life – What An Awesome Product- My Review

I recently came a cross a product that has really amazed me. The cost is right, the content is right. And the company is strategically places itself and it’s products in a very interesting position. After 9 years in the making they are launching and have some powerful tools inside just waiting for marketers like […]

I’m Shooting Strait From The Hip- This Time

First of all, I want to wish each and every member of IBO, Administration, your family, friends, and peers, a very happy and safe holiday season. And I pray that you all will be successful in all you businesses and endeavors. Usually, when I do a PR I will write it out first in a […]

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