Worldprofit A Scam?- I had To Answer This One

I was surfing the other day and saw another article about how Worldprofit was a total scam. I laughed and decided to read the article just to see what this one said in particular.  I was really amazed at the preciseness and amplitude of the writer as he did have a great awareness of everything […]

Today I was thinking about my good friend and Mentor Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Today I was thinking about my good friend and Mentor Dr. Jeffrey Lant. He recently completed his 21st Book called: ” A Connoisseur’s Journey” which is on sell at Amazon for 29.95, but if you are a Kindle Reader you can purchase the book for only 24.95. I felt compelled to re-submit the first review […]

3 Wealth Building Principals

#1. Believe You can Do It- above everything else this is the most important part of building a successful business. If you don’t believe, there is absolutely no one who can help you. You must establish a definition of success that you are comfortable with. Notice I didn’t say get comfortable, because that will hold you […]

How To Be Successful Online

To be successful online you must be able to understand 3 very important things. 1. The one thing needed by everyone online to do business? 2. Who is it that really makes the most consistent money every day online? 3. How can I position myself to make consistent money online? Most people don’t realize who […]

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