Worldprofit- A Scam: The Live Business Center

The very first thing new prospects will encounter when joining Worldprofit is the LBC, our Live Business Center. I am a monitor for WP, a monitor is a person trained to greet customers, guide them through the initial videos, and close sales for our dealers. Now these are the 3 basic responsibilities of the monitors, […]

Gorgeous Landing Pages Quick and Easy With Just a Click of Your Mouse

Creating landing pages is a huge hassle for most marketers. You have choice: do it yourself, or hire a designer. A designer can create a beautiful page for you, but he’ll also drain your budget. And every time you need a new page, you have to cough up more cash so your designer can afford […]

There Is Only “One Key” To Your Success

There is only one Key to your success no matter what you are in, doing, or hope to achieve. Do you know what that key is? I’ll show you in a minute but let’s discuss this just a little further before I give you the key. Just as there is one key to your success, […]

Team Building- Part of the Team or Just a Rung in the Ladder

I was just getting ready to take a nap because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. So as I was getting ready to hit the bed, I decided to check my FB wall to see what had been posted. Well as usual I saw the normal everyday postings and as I looked further I […]

Safe-List and Traffic Exchanges-Still Effective List Builders

  I heard the other day someone say that using safe-list and traffic exchanges were no good and a thing of the past. But I beg to differ and this is the reason I decided to put in my 2 cents worth on the subject. And yes, we all know that most of us started […]

What do I have two offer?

I believe this is one of the most trying questions a person can ask themselves in any situation. Whether the person be an Internet marketer, a teacher, a preacher, a doctor, or lawyer; this question can still cause problems in the minds of people no matter what they do. I was contemplating this question just the other day […]

Hey, I just want to thank you!

Have you ever heard or even said things like this?   Wow, they didn’t join me in my business, so now what?   I have tried and tried to share this business with family, friends, everyone. But nobody joins me.   I knew I couldn’t do this. I knew I could not do sales.   […]

Imagination is the fuel for Knowledge

In this video I will be sharing how imagination ignites knowledge and everything else builds from this  

Killer Marketing

I have held back on writing this for a long while but now I just can’t help myself. The envelop has been pushed far too many times for me to be quiet anymore. There is a type of marketing taking place that is killing it: Really killing it online. Or let me rephrase that last sentence. It is killing […]

Understanding Multiple Streams of Income People often say to me, man, what are you selling now? Another biz op or product line? I answer absolutely! Smart businesses and marketers always use multiple streams of income. And in this video I will be explaining the concept.

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