Whatever You Do, Don’t Quit

Double Dose: Our Special Guest, Howard Martell

My first meeting with Howard Martell was really unforgettable. Why you might ask? Really just because of the time Howard took to speak to a stranger and                                                         not […]

My Special Guest: Linda Else

I am so excited to share this information with you today about a wonder person, a powerful, determined business person, a mentor, and a friend,  Linda Else. Linda is a Senior Monitor and Sales Champion for Worldprofit and she is a model of excellence. I love to hear the story written by our CEO and […]

Today I was thinking about my good friend and Mentor Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Today I was thinking about my good friend and Mentor Dr. Jeffrey Lant. He recently completed his 21st Book called: ” A Connoisseur’s Journey” which is on sell at Amazon for 29.95, but if you are a Kindle Reader you can purchase the book for only 24.95. I felt compelled to re-submit the first review […]

Don’t Let Anyone Define You

http://maxincome101.com In this video I share the necessary drive that makes me a success. I simply don’t listen to negative people and continue to do the necessary things that make me successful

Hey, I just want to thank you!

Wow, they didn’t join me in my business, so now what? I have tried and tried to share this business with family, friends, everyone. But nobody joins me. I knew I couldn’t do this. I knew I could not do sales. This is the best business opportunity I have even seen, why is it people […]

The Power of Positive Expectation

http://itbizbuilder.com/bizbiz When going from point A to point B there is a middle area between the 2. When evidence is provided that point B is reachable, that evidence propels and reinforces the reason for attaining A in the first place. Prove the evidence and you can inspire people to buy your products and services. This […]

The Power In Believing In What You Have

http://itbizbuilder.com/bizbiz If you believe in what you are promoting, that belief will cause others to believe also. This fact alone can make you successful in all areas of your life.  

You Must Make It Personal- This Empowers Success

http://worldwide-marketing.biz In this video I will be sharing how it is that when we take personal responsibility for our successes and failures, we will begin to see more success than failure. Simply because by doing so, it will cause us to continually grow in wisdom and knowledge.  

To be successful online- Featuring Robert Wesley Norman

To be successful online you must be able to understand 3 very important things. The one thing needed by everyone online to do       business? Who is it that really makes the most consistent money   every day online? How can I position myself to make consistent money     online?     Most people don’t […]

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