Today I was thinking about my good friend and Mentor Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Today I was thinking about my good friend and Mentor Dr. Jeffrey Lant. He recently completed his 21st Book called: ” A Connoisseur’s Journey” which is on sell at Amazon for 29.95, but if you are a Kindle Reader you can purchase the book for only 24.95. I felt compelled to re-submit the first review […]

Program Review- Click Voyager

A Refreshing little Tool Recently I ran across an advertising site I signed up for a while ago. You know how it is. We see, we sign up, we forget, oh well. That is until things start to slow down and we begin reviewing and looking through everything to find an answer that will help.  […]

Traffics Cool- Program Review

Targeted Traffic and List Building For Free – Does It Exist? How Can You Get Free Targeted Traffic And Build Your List? Traffic For Nothing And Your List For Free! Free Targeted Traffic And List Building Made Easy! You have built your website and boy are you proud! Surely you have done the hard part […]

Program Reviews: Traffic City

Today I want to highlight a new program that I have been having great success with. I have been getting good looks in all the programs that I promote here and earn Referral commissions. This is another low cost program that has allowed me to connect with marketers I may not have connected with in […]

Don’t Let Anyone Define You In this video I share the necessary drive that makes me a success. I simply don’t listen to negative people and continue to do the necessary things that make me successful

Don’t listen to the Noise When you know what you are doing is right, don’t allow yourself to be swayed by what people say or think about what you are doing. It is only noise, hear it but learn not to listen to it.  

Personal Responsibility Empowers Success In this video I will be sharing how it is that when we take personal responsibility for our successes and failures, we will begin to see more success than failure. Simply because by doing so, it will cause us to continually grow in wisdom and knowledge.

Imagination is the fuel for Knowledge

In this video I will be sharing how imagination ignites knowledge and everything else builds from this  

How To Be Successful Online

To be successful online you must be able to understand 3 very important things. 1. The one thing needed by everyone online to do business? 2. Who is it that really makes the most consistent money every day online? 3. How can I position myself to make consistent money online? Most people don’t realize who […]

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