You Must Make It Personal- This Empowers Success In this video I will be sharing how it is that when we take personal responsibility for our successes and failures, we will begin to see more success than failure. Simply because by doing so, it will cause us to continually grow in wisdom and knowledge.  

Killer Marketing

I have held back on writing this for a long while but now I just can’t help myself. The envelop has been pushed far too many times for me to be quiet anymore. There is a type of marketing taking place that is killing it: Really killing it online. Or let me rephrase that last sentence. It is killing […]

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic, You need it, got to have it. Right?

Everyone is talking about, traffic, traffic, traffic. And we all know we need traffic to our offers and programs. Traffic is a key essential in all marketing but, you can have all the traffic you need and still end up broke. One of the major problems all marketers face is conversion. If your traffic does […]

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