Traffic, Traffic, Traffic, You need it, got to have it. Right?

Everyone is talking about, traffic, traffic, traffic. And we all know we need traffic

to our offers and programs. Traffic is a key essential in all marketing but, you

can have all the traffic you need and still end up broke.

One of the major problems all marketers face is conversion. If your traffic does

 not convert to a sale you still have nothing. And most newbies and pros alike

spend so much time getting traffic that they really suck at getting conversions.

 And that is the problem. I get tons of emails from marketers with the next big

thing in getting traffic but the sender always has little to say in the way of

conversions. And that is because no one has a clear answer on how to turn that

traffic into pure gold. And please understand me, I need as much traffic as

anyone, but, I would much rather have a higher rate of conversion verses

gigantic masses of traffic.


Over the years I have learned that traffic is really easy to get. And I have learned

 that once you learn how to get conversion rates up, traffic is elementary.

But what is the best way to get conversions. This brings us to another topic that

is as vast as all the traffic systems online.

Yet, here are just a few suggestions and techniques I have learned and practiced

from other long term marketers.


  1. You must build a list. BUT, not just any kind of list.

I really learned this one the hard way. I quickly built a list of

several thousand which was really good for only one and a half years.

But, this particular list doesn’t respond to anything.

They don’t even accept free giveaways and needless to say that they

certainly don’t buy anything. Then I have several other list with a couple of

hundred people in each and they are responsive to other free traffic programs

and things like this.

But then I have a very small list that is a list of buyers that constantly

buy products and traffic programs as well. So, in essence the smaller list far

exceeds the larger list. Hum, very interesting. Wonder what the difference is?

well, a good friend of mine who is a mentor also describes it like this.

Robert Wesley Norman explains:

“You must develop a laser-targeted list of qualified buyers”. People who you

know are very interested in what you have because you have some sort of

relationship with them and they understand that you have been where they

are and have achieved success in what you are doing.

Robert showed me that this is very easy to do simply by helping people,

giving them what they need and want, and being able to show them what

you do and how it works.

This is where relationships are very important. Every marketer needs help.

Even if they don’t realize it, we all need help. And if what I am doing is working,

and it is converting, why shouldn’t I share it with other marketers like me.

But one thing I must say, don’t perpetrate. Don’t act like you know when

you don’t. Because the proof is in the pudding and when you start sharing

what you do, others will know if it is like all the other crap out there.

Yet we must understand that marketers have been taken so many times, that

even the truth sounds like a lie. Don’t believe me?

Look around at the state of internet marketing. People will flock to

a program that promises they will be a millionaire in a week verses a

program that tells them the truth that it takes time and dedication

to make money online. It takes time to build a business online just like it takes

time to build a business in brick and mortar businesses. People want it now

and miss the reality that if it takes them 2 years to start making the kind

of money they want, isn’t that better than working 20 years and still

be in the red. People run from the truth because they want it right here

and right now. And the legitimate businesses online take time to really build.


  1. Quality leads are the conversion building leads that make you money.

Far too many people flock to lead buying sources, lead giveaways, and the

amazing do nothing to get the leads programs.  They have no idea where the

leads come from, who the leads are, or even if the leads are real people. They

just know that they need leads so they grab them from anywhere and anybody.

The best way to get leads are those you generate yourself from your own

marketing efforts.

One thing I have found out is that when I generate my own real leads

they bring other leads with them because of the realtionship built over

time and the trust factor. People tell other people. think about it..

Just like Robert said, people who help people, help other people, who

know other people, and now you list has grown in triplicate.

This is the results of laser targeted leads and the actual power and

magnetism that they possess. It takes a little more effort and time, but

well worth every minute of it.

If you have only 10 people who are buying from you constantly, you are

in profit and ready to explode your business.

Finally, the laser targeted leads that Robert mentioned are actually

pre-framed leads through you own efforts and are ready to buy almost

anything you have to offer. Now the traffic begins to roll in because if you are

getting conversions, traffic will be a bi-product of your conversions. More

conversion, more traffic.


Well, these are just a few tidbits I have learned online from mentors

like Robert and they work. These thoughts are only a drop in the bucket

because there is much more to always learn. Internet marketing is as

diverse and ever changing as the mindset and emotions of our customers.

Just as the internet is ever changing, our customers are as well.

If you cannot evolve in your techniques and thinking, you will never

achieve success online.

Finally, business is business and follows certain patterns whether you are

online or off. Business is business. Never stop reaching for the stars. Just

understand it takes real methods and hard work to get there.

If you are serious and dedicated, you will be successful.

Thanks for reading.

Michael Harris, The Everyday Marketer




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