Don’t Ask, If You Can’t Handle The Answer

Almost every day I am asked a few questions about how to
make money online. It is because I am a Senior Monitor for Worldprofit, the #1
based Home Business Trainer online, and I talk to people from around the world
every day. And I must admit that although the people are in different locations
around the globe, they invariably ask the same questions and don’t want to hear
the answers. And they respond the same way to the answers I give. The sad part
is that they will end up in the same location online, financially, that is,
still broke looking for the magic button.


I don’t mean to sound harsh in any way, but you must
understand that there are no magic buttons, instant millionaires, and instant
riches available online. Yes there is that one in a million that defies the
odds. But, realistically, this just doesn’t happen for the majority of folks.
And the statistics are staggering as to the massive numbers of people who never
make one sale online.


According to internet research, 95% of all online marketers never
make a dollar online. 95% of marketers only sign up 3 to 5 people into their
program per year. And it is estimated that only 1% of the marketers online make
at least $100. These are hard facts to swallow I know but they are the truth
about online marketing. Think about it. If it was so easy, so universally
sound, so amazingly simple, then everyone and their children’s children would
be doing it. Millions of people try and millions fail for several simple
reasons.  And if you read just a little
further, I will tell you why.


Now, let’s get to the point of all of this.


When people begin to work online it is because they have
heard that they can make a fortune online and do it from the comfort of their
homes. They want to work from home and have their own personal home based
business. The problem occurs because they have not listened to what they asked
for and are trying to achieve.  Want to
know what I mean? Good.


When I am asked how to make money online I tell them that
they must come to terms with what they say they want.


1st, when you say you want to “work” from home,
you must see what you just said. You said “WORK”, not play.


So, the 1st thing to understand is that to make
money from home you must put in the” WORK”. It does state, Work from


Work is labor and labor is work. If you want to get paid on
your off-line job you have to work, everyone understands that but I find it
amazing that people think it is different online. Only difference is that you
are laboring inside the recesses and comforts of your home. Regardless, you
must still work. Work from home. Labor from home. Far too many people
want the rewards of online marketing but do not want to “WORK”. No work, no
pay, that’s truth.


2nd, is that when one is working online, they
have or are starting a home based “business”. These words seem like the right
words but people’s understanding is far off. Listen again. A Home Based “Business”.
A Business based in the home. Not a home based vacation.  Not a home based play area or picnic area. An
area set aside in a home to run a business. A home based business. It’s in the home and it is a business.


Therefore if it is a business, it must be treated like a
business. And a business follows certain patterns. Foundational flows that are
the same no matter what business niche one choses. But, it is still a business.


Treat a business like a hobby, get hobby pay. Treat a
business like a business, get paid a business pay and business rewards. It’s
a business and businesses take time to develop, grow, nurture, mature, expand,
and survive. Well, that is a legitimate business. Whether online of off-line,
business is business.


So, my answer to the question about starting a home based
business and working from home to make money online, is simply this.


You must put in the work
to have a home based business. And if you do put in the work, you
will be successful. Very successful.


The most discouraging part about it all is this.


98% of the people who ask me this question don’t want to
work hard for their dream and because of their attitude, they will never have a
successful home based business.


Don’t ask if you can’t handle the answer.

One final note:


Don’t believe all the hype you see online and hear. Most of
the so called gurus online who stand like glimmering sequins in the night, have
been doing this for years and because of their longevity, list building and
experience, are able to make money quickly from unsuspecting, less experienced
people like us. Look deeper and you will find that they have really WORKED hard
to build their BUSINESS from home.


Now is the time to decide.
Continue to listen to all the hype and continue to not make one bloody
cent. Or, you can finally smell the roses and realize that even a rose puts in
the work.


God Bless and work to build your business.

Mike Harris, MCEC Worldprofit.


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