Hey, I just want to thank you!

Have you ever heard or even said things like this?


Wow, they didn’t join me in my business, so now what?


I have tried and tried to share this business with family,
friends, everyone. But nobody joins me.


I knew I couldn’t do this. I knew I could not do sales.


This is the best business opportunity I have even seen, why
is it people are not joining me?

Please stop crying, please! Baby Crying

They are always calling my opportunities a pyramid or a
ponzy scheme, but why? It’s just a great opportunity?


Have you ever found yourself saying these things?  If you have been in internet marketing for a
while, even a short while I know you have heard these statements and probably
made statements like these yourself. And no matter how many times we press on
and continue to do what we do, statements like these take little chips out of
our internet marketing armour, per say.


I was listening to a young lady the other day on one of the
social sites and she was saying these words verbatim. And verbatim you could
hear the hurt and resentment in her voice as well as the momentary weakening of
her resolve. I wanted to immediately tell her it is ok because this is the way
it has always been. Some join and some don’t. Now so much more than in the past
because of all of the scams that have been coming down the line. They have
really hurt us and those people who we desire to join us in our opportunities.


And even though all I have just said is true, it is not the
total reason I am writing this.


I am writing this to state and declare that it is ok and
good if they don’t join us at the present. And we know everyone does not have
the mindset that we have. To do what we do there is a particular mindset a
person has to have to be successful. A mindset that is not willing to accept
limitations or hold ups.


A mindset that is always looking into the future to
structure the present but always empowered from the past. And sometimes it is
as if we have no choice because something within us drives us to search for the
vehicle to carry us to our goals. The vehicle that will cause us to be who we
believe we are and are developing into. A mindset that just flat out says No to
failure. It says No to time, and yes to long term sustainable success. Yeah, we
can’t help it, it’s who we are. We are Entrepreneurs, that different breed of
individuals. We just have a different mindset.


And if your mindset doesn’t match my mindset, if we join
together it will lead to disaster and failure. So when they say no to me I
simply say thank you and God Bless. Because everyone is not designed to do what
we do. And one person who joins our team can cause everyone on our team to slow
down because they didn’t want to be in in the first place. And now they will
not do the necessary work to be successful.


Everyone is not an Entrepreneur but that’s ok. We need
customers also. If everyone was a business owner, who would we sale to?


So press onward and upward my entrepreneurial Brothers and
Sister. Achieve all your hopes, goals, and dreams. And whenever someone turns
and says no to your opportunity, do like I do.


I say, I just want to thank you. Have a Blessed Day.


The more customers out there, the more income possibility. People Cheering


Oh YEAH!!!!


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