How To Be Successful Online

To be successful online you must be able to understand 3 very important things.

1. The one thing needed by everyone online to do business?

2. Who is it that really makes the most consistent money every day online?

3. How can I position myself to make consistent money online?

Most people don’t realize who it is that actually makes the most money online.

We see marketers like us who do exactly the same thing we do day in and day out. Going from program to program,
running ad after ad, selling this and selling that. Making a little here and a little there.

And yes I know all the gurus and who-rus will tell you all you need is traffic and a great product and that is
half right.
You can and will make money. But if that were really the case, why aren’t more than 5% of us really making consistent
money online? Hum, there must be something else going on here.

Let’s dig further, can we?

First of all to do anything online you must have what is called a domain.

A domain is simply a section of the internet that is owned by a particular person, group, or organization. It is

expressly your owned cyber real estate. And you must own a piece of cyber space to do anything online.

That domain must be connected to the internet through a host. This is the connector that makes all cyber space run smooth. And the host, believe it or not, is the power player of it all. Without hosting there is no internet. So, if the hosting is the power player of all cyber space, then he/she who owns the hosting becomes a power player and ruler of the domain. LOL, I bet that one got ya, didn’t it? But it is true. So what does all this mean? Let’s break it down.

Since you must have a domain and hosting to do anything online, and you must purchase that domain and hosting,

then the owners of the hosting are the ones making money hand over fist because we must have it!

Plain and simple.

Whether the host never sells a product, runs an ad, promotes a service or anything else online, they get paid. Why? Because without them, there is no internet.

Now let me ask this question to see if you really got what I just said.

Who is it that is making the most money online, day in and day out?

The Host. Why? Because we are paying them and everyone else to run our businesses online. We pay for it all while they sit back and wait for our monthly or yearly payments to flow on in.

And when I realized that most of the programs and services that they referred me to buy, a domain and then a particular host, they, the referrer, were actually the host or a re-seller of the hosting!-

At first I got mad but then I realized it was just good, smart business.

To make money online you must position yourself to do so.

The gurus are right in this respect.

Find a niche or a need that people need solved.

Have a great product and get traffic to the product.

Hosting solves this.

It is a great niche that everyone


It solves the problem of connecting

globally through the internet.

And guess who provides the traffic.

Stand up and take a bow.

But how can people like you and I

position ourselves to do the same thing?

Well I could explain it but for this, we need a Master.

And for this there is one person I know who understands exactly where we are and where we are trying to get to.

Because he was just like us.

He can explain the best way for us to position ourselves to really make money online.

His name is Robert Wesley Norman. He is an experienced Pro Marketer and Webmaster. He is my Mentor and Friend. He is my teacher and my Guide to making more money online. And he can be yours to.

But only if you ask, lol.

Please don’t get this wrong. There is nothing wrong with what we are currently doing but if we want to do it better, more efficiently, more cost effectively, and finally start making money online, we must make a few changes.

You need to talk with Robert and listen to what he can teach you.

These are just a few of the changes Robert helped me to make.

I had 5 different domains and hosting accounts….$1200.00 yearly

I had to pay someone to build my sites………$ 800.00

Buying traffic and leads……………..$1000.00

No branding

Had to promote one program at a time.

These were just a few.

But look and compare.

I have over 15 different domains and one hosting account
………………………………………………….$ 360.00 yearly

I build my own sites………………….$ 0.00

I generate my own traffic……………..$ 0.00

3 Complete branding

I promote 100’s of programs from one page

I sell traffic now, good traffic, real traffic

6. I am now a host

What a difference a day makes and knowing the RIGHT PERSON!

7. Look him up online to see his work.

You have probably already seen it before and didn’t know it.

You might have already been in one of

the programs he admins and didn’t know it.

Ok, so here he is: Robert Wesley Norman Robert Wesley Norman Robert Wesley Norman


Skype: robert.wesley.norman


And I am Mike Harris.


Join Us! You will be glad that you did.

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