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I have held back on writing this for a long while but now I just can’t help myself. The envelop has been pushed far too many times for me to be quiet anymore.

There is a type of marketing taking place that is killing it: Really killing it online. Or let me rephrase that last sentence. It is killing me.

This particular style of marketing is done to get clicks and views and I truly
understand the reasoning. And I believe many are successful in their endeavor
and accomplish their ultimate goal. But, in getting clicks and views, isn’t the
goal to also get conversions or sales? At least for me it is. I would rather
have 10 sales over one million clicks any day. But I realize also that you need
clicks and views to get the sales.

But, I believe the types of messages they are sending are not really helping them but
in essence hurting them, literally killing their efforts. And I will explain to
you exactly what I mean.

I wonder, do you ever get messages like these? I cleaned my emails out today and there were
hundreds of them. Messages like:

Wow.. YOU

You hit over 90 sales today, qualifying you to collect an additional bonus check



Our records indicate that you are owed $4,581.22 in commission payments


Please Click Here To Receive Your Payment


? BINGO! You
Won! Congratulations



Please confirm your receipt of this order. Order No: #384774GF


Your Skype
has (1) Unread Message


Purchase was successful


PayPal $193
Payments Receipt ID #9826PP-854183


This is an automated email to let you know that funds will be transferred into your


Messages like these waste my time and frankly I feel they question my intelligence. Don’t
they really know that some of us track where we buy, who we buy from, have been
dealing with payment processors for a long time and know their messaging procedures
and style, and some of us don’t have time to play BINGO, I’m working.


Now your next question might be: why is this killing them?


Well with me, whenever I get a message like this I immediately remove myself from their
list and will never see any good promotions they might eventually send. They
have killed their chance of getting me to buy anything, because they have
showed me they don’t value my time.


I read emails, spam emails, I don’t use credit software or anything like that because
I respect the efforts of marketers and I feel I would be disrespecting them to
short change them in any way except taking the time to see what they are
offering. For me, this is the true heart of internet marketing. I want to see
if what you have will help me reach my goal and if not, thanks for sending it
to me for my evaluation, buy or not.


Again, this is just me and my mindset. But for new people to the market, put the very best
ad copy out there that you can produce. Provide value and meet a need. You will
get the sales you want. Please don’t shoot all your efforts down by playing
games with other people trying to succeed just like you. None of us have the
time and some of us don’t have the patience(smile).


Thanks for
listening. I’m a lifer Baby, internet marketing that is.


Michael Harris – President



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