3 Wealth Building Principals

#1. Believe You can Do It-
above everything else this is the most important part of building a successful
business. If you don’t believe, there is absolutely no one who can help you.

You must establish a definition of success that you are comfortable with. Notice I didn’t say get
comfortable, because that will hold you back in business, I said establish a
level you feel you must reach every day. By doing so, you determine the success
and failure ratio in your life and no one else. What may be considered a
failure to one person may be a great success for me, so I determine that aspect
for myself.

Also by doing this I position myself into a no excuse platform that will continually push me forward
since I know me better than anyone else, except God that is, and will not allow
certain excuses to be accepted. Excuses are the doorway to unbelief.

I believe in myself and everything God has established in me, this gives me a concrete foundation to
build from.

One last word on believing, I have taught myself to believe above beliefs.

Beliefs are sometimes implemented and manipulated according to the mindset and laurels of men. That
is, if it is not done according to their way, thinking, or mindset then it must
be wrong and you are not a success.

My belief in me is totally based on what God says and that is that I can (have the ability) to do all
things, not some things but all, through Christ.


#2. Think Wealthy- believe it or not , wealthy people just think differently than the masses.

They are the trend setters in all aspects of life. Notice I didn’t say the smartest people in the world
but they do understand this one aspect of being wealthy: wealth builds wealth.

They don’t always reinvent the wheel but they find and understand the pattern or footprints to achieving
wealth. Neither do most of them allow wealth to define them. Now there are
exceptions to every rule but there are mass numbers of wealthy people whose
names we have never heard.

You may ask why this is so, I believe it is because their wealth does not define who they are where others
are only the sum of their wealth and they want the world to know it.

Lastly, wealthy people do allow the scope or size of their wealth to control their lives. An example of
this would be a millionaire is one if he/she has a million dollars. Whether it
is one million or 20, they are still a millionaire.

It is now the size but the ability to make the wealth work for you.

#3. Take Action- without action you will always be where you are right now.

Without action you will never arrive or even begin the journey.

Without action you are allowing every quintessential wealth building attribute that God has already
instilled within you to rest dormant and eventually die.

And there are wealth building attributes already instilled within us because we are still here in
the present right now. It is a testimony to God that we are still here and even
though you may not feel you are where you are supposed to be, that’s ok. Start
where you are, use what you have and do what you can.

Action not only speaks louder than words, action is the catalyst that ignites the fuel that burns the
fires deep within you that cause you to passionately press to reach your goal.

These are 3 principals I use daily to reach continued success and wealth. And believe it or not, these 3
principals work in my business and spiritual walk also. The more I study the
scriptures the more I realize just how financially secure Jesus and His disciples
were. Remember most of the disciples were businessmen and Jesus stated that he
did not come to destroy the law but to perfect it. In the bible day’s business
followed the law according to Moses as did all aspects of their daily life. Did
you ever see in the scriptures where they struggled to handle their business?

Stay Blessed.

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