What do I have two offer?

I believe this is one of the most trying questions a person can ask themselves in any situation.

Whether the person be an Internet marketer, a teacher, a preacher, a doctor, or lawyer; this question
can still cause problems in the minds of people no matter what they do.

I was contemplating this question just the other day and realized that once again I was stopped by my
own thinking of what I had to offer.

And I believe that this question must be answered in order for any of us to be effective in whatever
profession or walk of life we choose.

So here are my suggestions for anyone who is asked this question and struggles to find the answer.

#1. I must understand I am totally unique in my thinking, in my feelings, and in my living. And because I
am different and unique, no one, absolutely no one, sees things as I do.

#2. Because of my unique experiences, what I bring to the table will invariably be  different from what you going to bring but
just as important.

#3. Because of the way I experience things, I understand things, I see things, and know things, what I
share and offer does have great value.

#4. My insights on what we see and what we share may hold key for building a brighter and broader
financial basis for each of us.

#5. Finally because of our uniqueness and our connectivity to one another in so many areas and aspects of
life we are systematically linked as joint heirs to building one another’s

For most of us as Internet marketers, home-based business owners, and entrepreneurs, we can most assuredly
help one another when we come to the realization that we each have something to
offer. No matter how large or small.

Information is power and power is the ability to do anything.

For me, this is what network marketing is all about. I have had the joy and satisfaction of having
other marketers sharing their insights, constructive criticisms, and helpful
experiences which have helped them achieve success, overcome failure, and
continue to build a productive future with me. They have shared just little
things that they have seen and know that work because these things have worked
for them and these things they freely and willingly offer.

Because they understand that we all have something to offer.

I’m writing this small piece in hopes that it can and will encourage other marketers in their
struggling moments that they will surely have. To encourage them as I encourage
myself that no matter how bad it seems I always have something to offer.


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