Safe-List and Traffic Exchanges-Still Effective List Builders


I heard the other day someone say that using safe-list and traffic exchanges were no good and a thing of the past. But I beg to differ and this is the reason I decided to put in my 2 cents worth on the subject.
And yes, we all know that most of us started out in safe-list and traffic exchanges, but as we grew older and wiser, we learned a few tricks of the trade that have helped us in all of our marketing. The amazing things I have found about using sites like these are that even though they are free to use, they will still pack a punch if you learn how to use them.
And so, this is another reason why I must write this. Yes we all know that using free resources like these slows down the process of making money online, or does it?
I know that for a fact, I have added to my pocket book and down-lines through safe-list and traffic exchanges.
But, I will discuss this in detail in a few minutes.
If we actually dig down deep and begin to talk to many top marketers we will find out that they followed the same process as many of us. Using free safe-list and traffic exchanges. If you don’t believe me just contact a few of them and find out for yourself.
And these same top marketers have created similar sites but they have added their experience to make the sites better than before and if we listen to their training, guess what? We will succeed just as they did. This is why I salute these same top marketers for sharing their early experiences, frustrations, and lost finances with us, so that we don’t have to make the same mistakes that they did. Now, I know some of you want me to name a few of these marketers and I could but this is an effort that you must put in for yourself. Simply so you can hear it from the proverbial horse’s mouth.
Ok, with all that being said, let’s do some definitions.

What is a Safe-list..?
A Safe-list is actually a mailing list where all the members can send their ads to one another.
This way none of the members can be accused of spamming. Because every member has agreed and opted in and confirmed their email address. Safe-list provide an array of advertising options. You can use squeeze pages which are landing pages, lead capture pages, or splash pages, you can send business opportunities and almost anything else you want as long as it doesn’t go against the rules of the individual safe-list or traffic exchange. Then there are those who are surfing to get credits so they can mail their ads off to.
Now their is a draw back to sites like these but with a little tweaking, these draw backs can be overcome. You must see and must understand, most people are using these sites to get credits so they can mail their offers and don’t really take the time to actually read what has been mailed to them. And so for this very reason, you must fine tune your focus on building your business by capturing names and email address. This is where all the hard work comes in because if you don’t realize this one truth, you will spend days, months, or even years not getting anyone to actually take the time to visit you offer. This is where the rubber meets the road. You must find a way to catch their attention, name and email address, and get them on your list and then the magic begins. But, I will talk about that after we define traffic exchange.

But before we define further, just why should we use safe-list in the first place?
By joining a safe-list you will enlarge your business advertising potential.
And safe-list provide a very easy and friendly way to develop your email marketing.
When joining safe-list most programs will provide you with bonuses just for joining. And these bonuses allow you the expand you advertising even more. Now you can send more emails to more potential customers.
This is great because all members are 100% opt-in’s so you should not have any spamming issues. And this process makes it as easy to sending your ads and programs with the click of a mouse.
Safe-list and traffic exchanges are actually like online super stores where you can place your products on the shelves for every one to see worldwide. This one fact alone has the potential to explode your business. But, there are certain little facts that you must know to get the best from these sites. But once you have their email addresses, you can begin to market to them through your newsletters, opportunity ads, products or services that you have. The key is getting them on your list.
Now for safe-list and traffic exchanges to work you must be double opt-in to receive the emails. G-mail accounts through Google are best to use for this method. So, it is wise to create 2 g-mail accounts which will help you stay organized.

*The first account will only be used for receiving admin announcements and solo emails that have more credit points included and you will get less emails in this account.
*The second will be your list email account where you receive emails from other members which can be quite a few emails.
*And you will be required to verify each of these 2 email accounts before you can use the system and be activated. Again, G-mail accounts work best and are very easy to obtain and set up.
Next you must know the Rules of each site you intend on using.
Make sure you read and understand the site terms and FAQs so you don’t get kicked out and lose all you hard work. And the rules for both safe-list and traffic exchanges are very similar. The point is to know and understand each.

As an example, here are just a few rules you might see when using the sites:
No URL’s in the body of the email.
Do not use misleading subject lines and any untrue statements.
Some sites allow html and some don’t, just check to see which can be used.
Follow the directions because if you get reported or get complaints about your email, you can have your membership closed and lose all your work with no money refunded.
Here are just a few more tips:
* Again, create 2 g-mail accounts and after creating the first make sure you log out before you create the second. Creating 2 accounts will save you in the long run and keep you very organized and not over filling your main account.
I realize you might be using other email providers such as Hotmail. But G-mail is simply the best when using safe-list and traffic exchanges.
Remember you are using safe-list and traffic exchanges because of the cost involved. So to get the most out of what you are using follow these simple suggestions I have made earlier.

Traffic exchanges are somewhat similar to safe-list. Let’s talk about them now and define them before we go further.
A traffic exchange allows you to surf ads from other members for credits so as you earn the credits through surfing, you can now promote your ads through the credits you earned. Most of these ads are on a timer of 5 to 20 seconds; after the timer runs out, you click on the symbols to verify that you looked over the ads, and then you earn the credits for doing so. The more credits earned the more credits you have to send your ads. This is the basic set up but because all sites are different, the credit system might be a little different in the way they are presented. But all add up to the same thing, credits to mail.
Traffic exchanges often use surf ratios. These surf ratios determine how many ad views you need to have your ads shown. Again, you must remember that the members are doing the same thing you are doing. Surfing to get the credits and not really looking at what they are surfing. Their main goal is to get the credits. But we will discuss that in a few moments.

A key factor in using traffic exchanges is the surf ratio. Surf ratios are the ratio between how often you have to view a site to have your site shown. Another factor in using traffic exchanges is that surfers may only see your offer for 6 seconds. The members, as for you too, are surfing for credits, so don’t try to sell anything. The best thing to advertise is a squeeze page to capture their email address if they’re interested on whatever you have to offer.
Once you really understand just how both these sites actually work, the quicker you will begin to build your advertising according to the nature of safe-list and traffic exchanges.
What I mean in my last statement is the fact that your ad and mine alike, will only be seen for a moment. Usually between 5 to 20 seconds and with upgraded memberships there is an average of only 3 seconds for our ads to be seen. With that shortness of time what can we do to make this free option really work for us?

#1. Although the use of safe-list and traffic exchanges provides free advertising, understand nothing is free. The site is of no cost financially to us, but if we don’t use the sites as if we have spent our last dollar there, we will not get what we are expecting. We are expecting our ads to be seen for free and that is the way we post them, free. Please don’t get me wrong because I use these sites everyday. But what I learned is that if I am going to use these sites, I must put my very best effort into what I am advertising. My ad copy has to be eye catching, amazing, and so different that it causes the viewer to stop dead on my page and check it out.
I have a general rule that I use. If an ad causes me to stop and look at it, then I must understand and see what it is that caught my attention. If it catches your attention figure out why? And once you figure the why out, use and model your ads after this ad because if it caught your attention and my attention, it will probably catch someone else’s attention as well. Now I don’t copy their ad, I copy the set up of their ad.

#2. I learned to never use my website but a landing or squeeze page. Why? because my website page is very busy with all sorts of things running on it. And if a potential customer sees my website, 100% of the time they will go to the next ad because they didn’t have the time to look at everything on site. Remember, a viewer only has between 5 to 20 seconds.
So I when I use a fantastic landing page or squeeze page, there are only 3 to 4 items on the page. First the eye catching title. Second, the reason they should pay attention to what I am promoting. Usually with in 6 to 9 words. 3rd, instructions for them. 4th, give me your name and email in the capture form. All this must happen in those brief moments when they initially see our ads. Amazing isn’t it.
Believe me, if you learn this process, what it means and how to do it, your optins will increase drastically. After they opt-in, then you begin the process of exposing them to your website and more.
Ok, this covers the initial way to add people to our list so we can begin to market to them and convert them into sales.

Check back in a few days and i will continue with this discussion on safe-list and traffic exchanges. There is so much more to learn to actually be an effective marketer but this is only the tip of the iceberg.
I hope these few tips have helped you and will help you in your list building efforts.
This is Michael Harris, The Everyday Marketer.
Talk more in a few days. Stay Blessed.

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