Program Reviews: Traffic City

Today I want to highlight a new program that I have been having great success with.

I have been getting good looks in all the programs that I promote here and earn

Referral commissions.

This is another low cost program that has allowed me to connect with marketers I may not have connected with in the larger programs. But please do not think that this program lacks quality tools. Now at this point I must make something perfectly clear. The quality of the program is what helps me to make the final decision as whether or not to join. You do get what you pay for and I don’t want to lead anyone down a dead path. So, any program I join must have good tools and ways to advertise because these are the things that help our ads to convert.

I look for quality tools in any program I join, small or large.

The program I want to do a review on today is called “Traffic City”.

I joined Traffic City in its infancy. I was a beta tester for the site and one of the original members. The owner and admin is David Pinkney of Interspace Advertising, and I am in a number of David’s programs because of the tools they offer.

As a matter of fact, I am in several of David’s larger programs and it was in those programs that I met him.

Here are the benefits of Traffic City that I enjoy.

Your Traffic City Entitlement

-You can add Unlimited 125×125 banners

-You can add Unlimited 468×60 Banners

-You can add Unlimited Text Ads

-You earn Unlimited 50% Commissions

-You Can Mail Your Downline For FREE

-You Can Use The Personal Downline Builder

And as with all programs there is an upgrade to Platinum if you desire.

When you upgrade you get all the benefits above, plus:

-You Can Earn $15 Commissions when you referral upgrades!

-You Can Add 5 Platinum Ads!

-You Get One FREE Cash Solo Ad Each Month!

-You Referral Link Will Be Advertised For You! The upgrade is a one -time fee of only $30!

If you upgrade & you refer a new member which also upgrades, you will earn $20 in commissions instead of the normal $5.

($5 in commissions to join + $15 in commissions for the upgrade = $20).

Traffic City also offers a Cash Solo option:

Traffic-City Cash Solo Ads will let you promote your referral links

quickly and easily to tons of eager and responsive marketers across the world…..

Once your ad is set up it will go out to two different sites!

Members of Traffic-City will then earn cash for clicking on your solo ad….

Order Your Traffic-City Cash Solo Ad Today!

Price: $8.99 per cash solo ad or $39.99 per 5 cash solo ads.


The great thing I like about Traffic City is this;

All the advertisements on the page are mine. Unlimited advertising that I can add to or change anytime I want.

David is a great admin and works hard to keep us informed with any and everything involving his sites.

So, take a visit to the City, Traffic City that is, and see what I am talking about.

I hope these reviews help to build your business as they do mine.

God Bless

By: Michael Harris

The Everyday Marketer 

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