The New Safelist/Traffic Exchange Strategy- Review

Last week I decided to share some of my techniques for generating traffic and conversions with some

of my friends to see what they thought about what I was doing. I always like to test things before I

expose them and since these guys market as hard as I do, I knew they would tell me exactly what they thought.

So I shared my first idea and we discussed it and realized that there was a lot of validity in what I was

attempting. But they realized that they had been doing this also but maybe not to the same degree or for

the same reasons. But they to agreed that this works.

So I went full steam ahead to test and see what would happen. Believe me it works.

And I am also making an amazing ROI.

But one thing I didn’t expect was that I did this with the lowest actual views and clicks I have ever

15 clicks here, 14 there, and my ROI is over 1000%. With 8 signups in 3 days.

Then I decided to add a low cost product of my own that people really like and use all the

time. Hmmm, this is really starting to get interesting…Just ask my friend

James Stephens, who was the Featured Member of the Day at IBO Toolbox as

recently as last week. He is the Owner of Abba Viral Mailer at

Now, while I am telling you about James, you should go there because he provides you with some of the

best traffic and mailing functionality I have ever used.
James feels like I do.

Our goal as owners is simple. Not to amaze you with bells and whistles, but to

provide you the best traffic and conversion we possibly can. And James has done

an excellent job doing just that. But wait, James is also

giving a fantastic bonus just for joining his mailer as well.
If you need to hear more about this new strategy you can also ask my friend

Robert Wesley Norman over at USA Mailer, located at

Robert and Carl are offering a mailer where you can mail every hour as long as you have the

credits. And the upgraded membership has some totally powerful tools included.

Well for those of you who didn’t see my first page, talking about the strategy go here to see

it, ==>1st Page<==

Ok here are my latest additions to the new technique. ==>CLICK HERE<==

This is the full review up to the minute. But we are adding to our list day ai and day out.

Stay Blessed, Stay Motivated, and Never Give Up!

Enjoy! Join! And make money!

Mike Harris

The Everyday Marketer


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