Program Review- Click Voyager

A Refreshing little Tool

Recently I ran across an advertising site I signed up for a while ago. You know how it is.
We see, we sign up, we forget, oh well. That is until things start to slow down and we begin
reviewing and looking through everything to find an answer that will help. 
This time in my searching a saw Click Voyager and really wondered just what it was. 

I slightly remember signing up for it but it didn’t ring a bell. So I logged in to find out what I had.
As I went through the site and reviewed the system I remembered just why I joined the site.
You see, I do extensive searching  online and I don’t just click for credits in safelist and traffic
exchanges. I am always on the watch for something that I feel will add value to my business.
I even read spam emails and I have been called crazy for it, but I have gotten some really great
tools from my spam emails. 

Back to Click Voyager. I had set up some banners and text ads to test the system but forgot to go
back and see the results. And when I checked I was surprised at the clicks I had received. So I ran
some more and created a 3 link rotator. This was Wednesday and 235 clicks by today, yes I was pleased.
So let me quickly share what this little site offers:

Advertising:Website Advertising:

The websites you add here will be displayed to other Click Voyager members as they surf for credits. 
They will also automatically appear inside your rotators. 
Website views cost 10 credits each. 
When you delete a website, any unused credits will be returned to your account.

At Click Voyager, they distribute traffic per member, not per site. This means that while you are free
to add as many websites as you like, doing so will mean that each site receives less traffic. 
For example: Imagine they deliver 100 visitors to you in a day. If you have just 1 site, all 100 visitors will
go to that site, if you have 2 sites, they will get 50 visitors each and if you have 10 sites, they will receive
10 visitors each. Adding a site multiple times will not cause it to receive more traffic.

And they try to keep the surfing experience as clean as possible and strictly enforce their website terms.
Any sites that break frames, contain alert boxes or adult content will be removed and may lead to account suspension. 

You can create your own splash pages
Win at Games and Contest
Create Bribes to get people to join your programs and build your downlines.

Amazing Low Cost Credits
10,000 CV Credits- $6.39
25,000                         11.99
50,000                        19.99
100,000                     35.99

Overall the site is fun and very refreshing with contest that make sense like winning the top clicker for the day contest and getting massive credits for doing so. Its all about the advertising here. 

Well that’s it for this review. 
Except for my personal invite for all of you to either take a look at Click Voyager or take a look and join us. Oh yeah, you can also win free upgrades as well.


Thanks for reading.
Michael Harris

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