Today I was thinking about my good friend and Mentor Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Today I was thinking about my good friend and Mentor Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

He recently completed his 21st Book called:
” A Connoisseur’s Journey”
which is on sell at Amazon for 29.95, but if you are a Kindle Reader you can purchase the book for only 24.95.

I felt compelled to re-submit the first review I did on Dr. Lant’s book because most people don’t realize that

this is the first book of it’s kind that was written, proofed, and finalized, live across the internet. Every word,

every phrase, every song was studied, debated, and proofed before the eyes of millions. And one of Dr. Lant’s custom

trade marks and techniques is his ability to match the text with music that facilitates a totally different experience

in the reading of books.

The music brings a different light on the emotional status of the writer and his thoughts, the subject of the written

word as it relates to the environment in which the text happened in it’s unique historical environment. And finally

the way the music affects you, the reader and causes an emotional connection never achieved in regular books before.

And yes I can bare witness to the long hours of dedicated study, research, and collaboration between the writer and his

writing team.

It was such an honor for me to be apart of Dr. Lant’s writers team and all the hours we spent together, along with the

other members of the team were tedious, frustrating, teachable, and some of the most valuable hours I have ever spent with anyone.

Finally, the most amazing thing about this book, Dr. Lant’s first of his memoirs, were not what I had first thought they would be.

I felt in the beginning the book would be only about Dr. Lant, and how he had reached the level of where he is today. Not so.

This book of memoirs, is this and so much more, with the key emphasis on the reader. Helping us to understand that we are

all connected by time and space.

We all go through and endure the same struggles, triumphs and tragedies.

But, if we continue to press on we will achieve what life, God, and humanity designed and needs us to be.

Yes it is Dr. Lant’s memoirs, but it is about us, the readers as well.

Now the only way you will know what I am talking about is for you the go, right now and purchase a copy of Dr. Lant’s memoirs now.
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And as a gift to you for doing so, go here and get a Free copy of Dr. Lant’s 20th Book, “Net Profit”
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My first review go
Announcing the release of Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s Newest Book:
A Connoisseur’s Journey

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