Team Building- Part of the Team or Just a Rung in the Ladder

I was just getting ready to take a nap because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. So as I was getting ready to hit the bed, I decided to check my FB wall to see what had been posted.

Well as usual I saw the normal everyday postings and as I looked further I also saw the normal everyday postings about build teams and businesses.

As I shut my page off, a thought hit me like a ton of bricks. I had seen another ad about building a team in this business so I decided to looked further and as I looked I was amazed at what was revealed to me in thought.

Well most of you know I am a marketer and a Christian Businessman. Jesus Christ is my Leader and it is my relationship with Him that keeps me moving in the direction I need to move in. It is because of Him that I just can’t play games with people in business. This way, I continue to move forward and those who want to be a part of the business can move forward also and those who don’t, God bless.

So, I decided to explain what team building is supposed to be about. Now you must understand that just because someone says they are building a team that doesn’t mean they really are. And many have no idea that they are not building team even though they say they are.

When you are building a team, it means that every member is a part of the team and crucial to the development of the team. Every member must understand what it takes for the team to be successful and how that relates to their personal duty to the team. You see a team build is a collective movement. As one moves we all move. Now that doesn’t mean we will all be on the same level in the business, but it means that if I am on a higher level, I am supposed to make sure you reach that same level before I move on.

A team is about making every member better. A team is as strong as its weakest link. If all the links are strong, you will have an unstoppable team.

Team builds start from the bottom up not the top down. And if you look at it you can see that really doesn’t make sense. If I am building from the top down, eventually I am going to hit the bottom. Does that make sense to you? When the team builds from the bottom up, now the foundational structure of the team is sound and has no limitations on their growth.

The foundation of the team is always what makes a team effective or un-successful.

I jumped in a program last year that was very good and it seemed to have all the right legitimate parts to make it a sound business. In less than a week I had brought in 83 people in my downline. 83 people which should have made us sound through the growth alone. The potential was there for all of us to make money. But there was one aspect I knew but didn’t take it seriously until it was too late.

I didn’t take the time to really build my first level like I should have. The program was so easy for me to understand that I just knew they would understand. In business, you must take the time to make sure the foundation is laid right. No mistakes in the foundation because a mistake will cause the building to crumble later. And crumble we did.

These 83 people landed on different levels of our matrix and 88 percent of them had never done any marketing before and 99 percent of them didn’t even understand the concept of copy and paste. Simple to me but I should not have assumed that it was simple for them. When I realized what I had unintentionally done was build a ladder from the team to higher levels in the comp plan, but had not built the team.

There is a huge difference in building a team and using the team to climb the comp ladder. Using the team as a ladder eventually leads to a dry place were the life of the business is stunted and it eventually dies.

This was a hard lesson learned but a necessary one. So, now when I am invited to a team build, the first thing I do is ask the right questions, if they have not already been explained. The key to build a successful business is to make sure everyone around you is equipped in the knowledge necessary to be successful. This alone will explode your business or kill it. If the only person you see having success in your business is the leader, you might be a rung in his/her ladder. I must say that this is not always the leader’s fault. Every member of the team must do their part but this will occur only if they know how. So my next question is this. Are you a team leader or a team ladder climber? Second question is this. Are you as a member of a team equipped to help build the team or just be a rung in the ladder?

After experiencing this I decided to develop a plan that would eliminate this and help people be a success through our team. These are the steps I followed.

Total transparency of the business, the cost, and the requirements.
This helps me find the most qualified people to be in my business or any other business.

I explain what the business is, its importance, it’s place in the business world, it’s components, and it’s successes.

This step saves time, money, friendships, and a lot of frustration.

Align yourself with people who have the same passion about their business as you have about yours.
This step adds fuel to the fire. A group of people who want the same thing will work better together for the same cause. This is just common sense. If you have the same desire for success as I do, the same goals that I have, and willing to work as hard as I am, we will trust and depend on one another more and more. We will not be afraid to work on the next big step and the next as we work our way to the success we desire.

Everyone must follow the same steps. It has to be a requirement. If I pour out into you to make sure that you have the knowledge you need to be successful, then you must be willing to do the same thing for those who follow you. And I know this is a high order and high standard.
But if you talk to the most successful people online today, you will find out that they received their knowledge through their mentor and passed their knowledge down to their people. And their people did the same. What this does is build from the foundation up. This is how a true team is build. Not by hearing someone constantly talking about what level they achieved. And there is nothing wrong with that unless if the person talking refuses to pass down the knowledge and put the hours in to make the whole team successful.

These are just a few ideas and concepts I have learned over the past few years and I know they will work. If you don’t believe me, just look at the world of sports.

Look at Michael Jordan. He has always been a phenomenal player, but he never won a championship until he became the team player. He willed his team mates to levels they never knew they could achieve.

And if he did it we can to. The other thing about Michael’s success in the NBA. Some of those players on the team never played in an important game. But when the champion celebration took place, they still got their rings because they were a part of the TEAM.

We are currently in the planning stages of a team build and I am so excited because I have had success with this before. If you would like more information about what we are doing just email me at

Stay Blessed and Never give up.

Michael Harris

The Everyday Marketer

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