There Is Only “One Key” To Your Success

There is only one Key to your success no matter what you are in, doing, or hope to achieve.

Do you know what that key is? I’ll show you in a minute but let’s discuss this just a little further before I give you the key.

Just as there is one key to your success, this same key also determines you failure and holds you in what I call the “SFM”. The (Strategic Failure Mode).


As I look online every day I find that there are so many great and good programs available, I just didn’t understand why so many people weren’t more successful. Really, with all the gurus, all the top marketers that we see and recognize, with all the training and more. Why then is there such a high level of failure? And this level of failure has nothing to do with the type or quality of the program.

We know that the higher dollar programs will produce success faster than the low cost programs. Please don’t fool yourself. Just look at many of the top programs, the high dollar programs, and you will see a different class (if that is the right word to use) of people participating.

I had a conversation with a friend last night and we were talking about this in detail. You see many people are being successful because of their mindset and the simple equation that it takes less sales in the high dollar market to reach a set monetary goal verses the low dollar program that might take 10x’s the effort to reach the exact same monetary goal.

This is what I am talking about:

It will only take 2 sales of $50 to reach a monetary goal of $100 per day.

Verses a $2 dollar program where it will take 50 sales to reach the same monetary goal.

This is fine as long as people understand it and have chosen the path they wish to take. Both approaches make money. And while I am briefly on this topic, I use both methods to make money and believe it or not, most of the successful marketers and business owner do the same. Money is money no matter how quickly or slowly you make it. And when you combine the 2 approaches, it opens new avenues to even more diversification.

There are so many leaders online who lay it all out for new people to follow and be successful. Just follow the dots, copy and paste, or join a group and achieve success. But for so many, no matter what is done, they never achieve success online and it is because they just don’t have the key.

You must understand that there is only one key that determines your success. I could do it all for you, give you everything, except the dust in my pockets, and set it all up for you and if you do not have the key, you are still stuck.

Ok, are you ready to know the key? Are you really ready and once I give you the key will you be ready to use it?

Ok, here it is ==>click here<==.

So you really thought that there was something extraordinary waiting on that page, didn’t you?

If you did then, you were absolutely right.

YOU are an extraordinary person because there is not another you.

No matter how much someone else might look like you, walk like you, talk like you, or even live like you, there is only ONE YOU!!!!!!

And because you are so unique, you are the only one who can bring to the table the unique viewpoints, ideas, or success patterns that are in you.

This is why you are the key to all your successes and failures in life. But, if this is true, can you handle this very fact?

For far too long I allowed my success to be determined by others. When I decided to be responsible for me, everything changed and it can change for you also.

The power of the Key to release failure and brings success.

  1. I stopped blaming others for my failures.

By doing this I took away the power of others to determine my success ratio. When you let other people’s thoughts about you sway the way you think and feel about yourself; you have given them the power to keep you where you are. You will not be able to move forward. Why? Because the other person holds your key, you gave it to them.

When I began to stand for my own failures, I immediately took the key back and began to un-lock myself from failure principles. I realized what they thought or felt about me wasn’t putting any money in my pockets, paying any of my bills, and wasn’t any of my business.  I let them keep their thoughts to themselves because I discovered they were reaching a success of keeping me locked down because they were afraid of my success. Understand?

We are the front men/women, pioneers, the risk takers, and the average person is afraid of people like us because they are stuck in their safety zone. We have no limitations in our minds.

  1. My decisions are mine, good or bad. Profitable or un-profitable, they are my decisions and I can live or die with them. As long as my decisions are based on fact through experience and understanding, I’m good. Even if it doesn’t work out. I can sleep good at night because I know I made the right decision for me.
  2. I stopped limiting my actions based on the fears of others. I have made good decisions as well as bad. But my decision making is no longer based from other people’s beliefs.
  3. I have a right to be successful in spite of. This was a really big one for me. It was like I would hold myself back from doing the right thing at the right time because I didn’t want to leave someone who doubled me behind. Now that type of thinking is a sickness that must be cured. And the cure is not in a pill, elixir, or a script. The only cure for this type of sickness is action.
  4. Cost would no longer be a starting or stopping point for me. I would see exactly what I needed and because I felt like I couldn’t afford it, I would walk away. But how can you walk away from the very thing that you know you need to be successful.

Now you know exactly why you are the key.

Without you, no program that you get involved with can operate successfully.

Without you it will forever remain a program.

But when You, the key to success operate as you should. That same program now becomes a business. Why? Because of YOU!

In closing my friends, I hope this article has encouraged you, challenged you, and empowered you to be You, no matter what. We don’t need another program, we need YOU.

I am ending this with a very special message I received years ago. When I get caught up in the daily affairs of my business and I seem to get lost, I pick this up and believe me.

I begin to use my key again. ==>click here<==


Stay Blessed

Michael Harris

The Everyday Marketer

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