Despise Not Small Beginnings

This is a well-known verse in the Bible that compels us to not look at the size of a thing to

judge its worth. And I must admit I follow this principal every day. It doesn’t matter what

area of my life this comes up in, I follow the meaning explicitly.

And in business this is an awesome rule of thumb.
It has been amazing that all through life people have been wondering how I make it because

they don’t necessarily see me in the so called right places and with the so called right people.
This is because I have never judged anything by size except in relationship relative to the context

of size. This is what I mean. I see a large rock and then a smaller one. The size states the truth of

both rocks but when I look at the value of each rock, this is what makes the difference. There are

places for big rocks and then there are places for small rocks. When both are used and set strategically

in place, their value equals the same thing. If one small stone is missing, even thought you might not

be able to see it, the whole is incomplete without it. And a large stone does the same thing but because

of its size, it is visible and this is what makes people judge-mental.
I follow the same pattern when it comes to my marketing. No mailer or TE is judged by size because

I need both. Furthermore I have found the smaller mailer and TEs much more responsive than their

larger counterparts.
Over the past few months I have been conducting a little experiment with Safelist and TEs.

I have been looking at the cost of each, the membership size, the conversion rates and the membership cost.
This has been somewhat amazing that in many of the smaller sites the click rates, affiliate referrals,

and conversions have been slightly higher that the larger sites. This is ok because we all know

there are many variables that make any mailer or TE Great. And all the things I for-mentioned a

re the truth of the sites
Take for instance these mailers:

These 5 you can get for around $10 bucks. Refer a little of a lot and you will make money from

your purchase, and get good clicks as well.
Yes they are smaller mailers but it is the advertising that makes the difference.
I must say again that I use the larger sites as well because I understand that any advertising

can be good advertising. Oh before I forget: These 2 mailers are a little more costly but they

provide dynamite advertising and they are both good on the prices.

My friend James Stephens and Me are constantly testing these mailers. And we are beginning

to draw some new conclusions .
Well that’s it for now and hit me back if you have some questions, concerns or just some good

news about advertising .

To Our Success
Michael Harris
The Everyday Marketer

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