Worldprofit A Scam?- I had To Answer This One

I was surfing the other day and saw another article about how Worldprofit was a total scam. I laughed and decided to read the article just to see what this one said in particular. 
I was really amazed at the preciseness and amplitude of the writer as he did have a great awareness of everything WP offered.
He did us justice in explaining everything we have and how it works to a degree. And I did say to a degree.

I have read many articles of this kind and have even called some of the writers to talk personally. Most tell me the same story about how rude Dr. Lant is, about how Mr Kosch is a great trainer but when you realy need him, its hard to reach him. And even about how WP’s customer service lacks speed in getting back to people. And as uaual, when I talked to the person by phone, the story always changes.

People need to undertand that 75% of the time when a scam review is written, it is a marketing ploy to get you, the reader, to consider what my(persay) offer is and why it is better than WP.
Now there are just a few easy questions I always ask about any company and I always ask the writers of scam reviews.
#1. What is your business or niche?
#2. How long have you been working online and what success have you had?
#3. How long did you stay with the company and did you really follow their guidelines.?
Just these 3 questions tell me everything I need to know, especially when it comes to Worldprofit.

Now, if you are trying to build any legitmate businesss you must be willing to invest at least one to two years.
Why? Because real companies take time to build.

Did you follow the instructions to successfully use the tools of the company to build your business?
Why? Simply because if I give you accurate instructions to the pot of gold, and you only follow the insrtuctions you deem necessary, the end result of your decision rest upon you!

Lastly, did you commit the time and dedication necessary to actually build your business?
And nearly everyone of the writers I spoke to honestly answered no.
So, in reality, their failure to reach success was plainly in their hands, not Worldprofits.

Let’s be real, to build any business it takes time, sacrifice, dedication, and education to be successful.
If you are slack on any of these, you deminish your success rate.
Worldprofit is a business, a legitimate business. And as with all businesses there are highs and lows. But if you commit to yourself the things that are necessary to be successful, you will be.

Treat a business like a hobby, get hobby pay. But treat if like a business, oh well.
And I had to write this because Wordlprofit has been a life saver for me.
Yes it has been hard, but WP never promised me that I would make a million dollars over night.
Yes it has taken years of dedication and sacrifice to be successful here. As it does with all businesses.
And as I sit here right now, I had major back surgery 6/3/15 and have not worked a day since and have no idea when I will be able to go back to my brick and mortor businesses.
But, because I followed the instruction, because I did what they said do, because I watch the trainings and take action on what I have learned.
My monthly commissions here have taken care of me and my family. I have had some great months here and some less than great. But the point is that because I put in my time when I was able, the residual effect of all my labors have done exactly what Dr. Lant, Mr. Kosch, and Ms.Sandy Hunter said would happen.
WP works but you must work it.
When I have slow months it is because I have not done something, not because WP is a scam.
I have found everything here I need to be successful.
I have been a member now almost 3 years.
I do make commissions every month and I use WP to sustain all my other businesses online. It Works.

As for all the other accusations and comments about WP or any other business being a scam.
My advice to anyone is that they do the research and talk with anyone they can. Go to YouTube and watch some of Mr. Kosch’s training videos. Call Dr Lant, his number is all over the internet.
Because if you don’t consider yourself worthy enough to do all these extras, you will always be a scam follower.

I had to write this one.
Because WP is more than meets the eye. It will transform any slow or failing business into a productive part of you endeavors, that is , if you take action and follow their lead.
They have been leaving footprints for over 20 years now.
Thanks Dr. Lant, Mr Kosch, Ms. Hunter, and all the other dealers, and monitors for the time and dedicated service you have given me over the years.
In closing, I tell people everywhere that when I joined WP, I was looking for a business. But what I found was a family.
God Bless
Michael Harris
The Everyday Marketer

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