Worldprofit- A Scam: The Live Business Center

The very first thing new prospects will encounter when joining Worldprofit is the LBC, our Live Business Center. I am a monitor for WP, a monitor is a person trained to greet customers, guide them through the initial videos, and close sales for our dealers. Now these are the 3 basic responsibilities of the monitors, but we do much more.

In many of the Scam Reviews I have read, the LBC is intimidating and accused of being a high pressure sales pitch designed to do one thing, pressure people into buying something they really don’t understand. At least that is one of the accusations. But, in reality the LBC is one of the best tools in gauging just how well a prospect will do in this business or any other business.

This is why I made that statement.

  • No other company I know of has a “live business center” available online, 24 hours a day, where the prospect can speak to a live person. No recordings, no animated videos, a real live person. Most scams are afraid to meet people live.
  • The LBC is a good way to see if the prospect can and will follow directions. Following directions in any business is key to a prospects success. It doesn’t matter what the business is, all businesses follow standard steps to success. For a simple example let’s look at starting a checking or savings account. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bank or credit union, there are steps you must follow if you want to successfully create the account. Furthermore, if you want to accrue interest there are more steps that must be followed. No matter which entity is used, all have steps to follow.

WP’s initial steps upon meeting a new prospect are that the prospect must establish communications with the monitor simply by texting in hello, or some other word to establish that they can actually hear and see the monitor. If there is a problem in establishing this communication, the giving of further directions becomes futile and a waste of time. So many people I see come into the LBC simple refuse to follow this simple step. Now for those who are have technical difficulties, these will be worked out if possible. But without communication the prospect is limited on what can be done to help them.

Next the prospect is asked to watch a short 7 to 8 minute video. Why? Simply because within the video, our Training Instructor George Kosch will do a presentation about what WP is, how it works, and explain how we can help you. And most of the time after George is finished, 70 to 80% of a new prospects questions are answered inside the video. This not only informs the prospect of who and what we are, but it prepares them for the next phase of their initial visit that will occur immediately after the video.

When a prospect refuses to watch the short video they are actually proving that they cannot follow directions which, whether we like it or not, shows that they are going to have problems in any business they choose.

I must make the point here that there are really many scams out there online and I know we have all experienced them. But I have found out that when and if you follow the exact instructions, as written or discussed, you will be successful simply because you followed the instructions. Following instructions also shows the prospect’s willingness to be successful in their business.

I know some will argue the point, but if you cannot follow simple instructions, keep your day job.

  • The next phase of the LBC a prospect will encounter is the offer that the monitors will make them. So many people call this high pressure salesmanship at its best. But, when you really think about it realistically, we make high pressure decisions every day.

We are constantly required to decide what we will eat, what we will have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Don’t think this is high pressure sales, miss that sale, or show up late, or wanting to buy from the breakfast menus just before the lunch menu changes and you are trying to get there before the time changes. And I know these don’t seem to be pressure decisions and that is because we have to make so many decisions like these countless times a day that it has become the norm. And we don’t even think about it.

But as soon as the monitor tells the prospect that they have only 7 minutes to make up their mind, the accusations begin to flow.

But there is a very valid reason for this process. 1000’s of people come into the LBC daily. And because of the shear volume of prospects coming in, we cannot wait for the prospect to go on and on about the offer. Because if they followed Mr. Kosch’s video they already know what is next. Plus we are closing sales to prospects who are actually interested is the offer and we move forward to close those sales for our dealer who have worked so hard to bring the prospects in.


This is the way the system works and when it works as it is designed, those dealers who have worked so hard get the commissions they worked so hard to get. And the filtering moves forward.

In closing I must say that the LBC is the most amazing tools I have ever encountered online. It is designed to help people make money online and for those who can actually follow direction, it is a move in the direction of success.

Worldprofit is not for everybody just as other businesses are not. But for those who choose to join, the rewards all begin here.


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Have a Blessed day.


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