Ad Rotator I E C | 2016 Your Own Money Making Business

If you are ready for something totally fresh and new, here it is. Just watch the video below for the information. Enjoy.

The Ad Rotator- Product Review

I have been in business for myself for over 25 years now and building a business is no joke. With the start up cost, success and failure ratio, and the constantly changing mentality of the customer,being a business owner can be a harrowing experience. Yet I am blessed enought to say that over the years we… Continue reading The Ad Rotator- Product Review

The Power Behind the Song

I saw this on Facebook this morning and I just had to share it with you. The gentleman singing is a serviceman and you can feel his dedication to service in his rendition of the song. No matter how you feel about the country and all the foolishness that goes on in government, it is… Continue reading The Power Behind the Song

Support Staffers Suggests Not Using Windows 10

Question why? As with all client sales, up-selling, no matter the product or service associated with the product either directly or indirectly, makes for huge profits, simple and easy answers do not. You would think that your pc support team would do just that…give you fast easy answers to things about your system and how… Continue reading Support Staffers Suggests Not Using Windows 10

OIO Publisher- Product Review

OIO Publisher- Product Review There is an amazing new product circulating around the internet that gives website owners a brand new way to monetize every website they own. And this monetization comes in the form of advertising. Now you to, can sell banners and text ads right from the front page of all the websites… Continue reading OIO Publisher- Product Review