OIO Publisher- Product Review

OIO Publisher- Product Review

There is an amazing new product circulating around the
internet that gives website owners a brand new way to
monetize every website they own.
And this monetization comes in the form of advertising.
Now you to, can sell banners and text ads right from
the front page of all the websites you own.
It’s called the OIO Plublisher.
Now maybe you have heard of it and not taken the
opportunity to explore what is it and what it can do.

OIOpublisher was first conceived in 2007 as a simple
free WordPress plugin to deal with the sale of paid reviews
and text links. It has since evolved to become one of the
best direct advertising solutions available.

From small beginnings it has grown to allow people to truly
control their advertising for themselves. You can now not
only sell paid reviews and text links, but banner ads,
custom products and so much more using OIOpublisher.

OIOpublisher has gained momentum and the support of its
userbase with amazing speed. It is well recognised in the
blogging community, becoming a must have for any serious

Now in it’s 2nd generation, OIO continues to expand not only
inside the blogosphere, but beyond it as well.

Flexible in it’s usage.

Install OIO publisher as a WordPress plugin or a standalone
platform sell all forms of text ads, banner ads, and paid reviews.
Display ads on any website you like using php or javascript
no empty spaces, show your own default ads until slots are
Convert website visitors to sales staff using the inbuilt
affiliate program and custom purchases also allow you to
sell digital products.

All in all, OIO allows you to seamlessly ad another stream
of income to your sites.

I have been using it for almost a year now and it has paid
for itself with the second ad package sale. Simply amazing.

And at only $47 one-time cost, it doesn’t break the bank.
And for the month of November you can use a special promo-code
to get $10 off the listed price.
Use promo code “REDMAN-DRMEHSR”.

Imagine it, now on all your websites you onw the advertising
space. Promote your own ads or fill the empty spaces with
money making ad spots.

Well, that’s it for now and I hope to see you at OIO.


Michael Harris
The Everyday Marketer

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