Bitgold, the Real Deal

I recently had the pleasure of doing a product proof today and I am extremely happy with the results.
A friend of mine called me about 8 months ago now about a program he was in and he felt I would like it.
He knows I do a lot of research before I get into programs so he felt I would not only research for myself, but if I found anything I would immediately contact him.
Lately I have seen so many products being called scams that haven’t really been given a chance and this one fell into the same category. The product I am talking about is BitGold. A company that came up with a way to allow anyone and everyone to purchase gold in small amounts that can add up to something big.
So, when I joined I immediately received .250 grams of gold which equal $9 and some change. Very interesting I thought to myself. So I began more research and found that when I invite someone to join as I did, I get more free gold and they do as well.
So I started inviting people and was very surprised that so few took me up on my offer. We are talking about pure gold here, nothing fake but the real McCoy.
But as time moved on I realized that people were afraid of this commodity since it was being given so freely.
I continued my research. I joined their FB group and found myself surrounded by some very discontented members and they had good reasons to be so. I thought.
I had some complaints myself but mine were not quite like theirs.
They were complaining about how when they became affiliates, BitGold was offering $35 per referral which is awesome. But to their surprize, they were only getting paid $5 instead of the $35.
My complaint was that I had been waiting to become an affiliate for more than 2 months which seemed ridiculous to me.
But I found that since they were a new and evolving company there were kinks to be worked out.
As for the discrepancy in the affiliate pay, I have read in my research that the pay was actually based on the country the affiliate got the sign up from. And for the USA and Canada the payout was $5.And it seemed reasonable ot me since the company is based in Canada, the US and Canada more than likely would get the lowest payout. Maybe yea maybe nea. But because I had seen it in the terms and conditions I wasn’t fretted about it.
But after a short while I did become an affiliate and was ready to promote buy I decided to wait to watch the next transition the company would make.
I invited a few more friend who joined and now I had to wait for the final test.
I got my BitGold debit card and waited until over half of my gold had matured the 2 month waiting period. After 2 months the gold matures and you can start using the value of the gold.
The company continued to evolve while I waited and stream lined their referral program, created a new wy for us to be paid instantly, and was being traded on the Canadian stock market.
I must say that I never thought BitGold was a scam because of some process I had to do to become a member and an affiliate.
There were forms I had to complete that all legitimate companies use and follow.
Everything fell into place and on November my gold matured and now came the big test.
Could I actually use the money from the gold.
This was an adventure all by itself. You see I constantly use credit cards for large purchases and I had no idea of the actual amount I could least draw from an atm machine.
So I withdrew $15 from my gold account and went strait to the atm to shoot my proof video.Oh the video was going good and I was on point, for a minute that is.
My card eased into the atm and I put my codes in and a asked for $10 from the machine. But the lowest denomination I could withdraw was $20. I went to 5 more banks and the same thing. I had no idea it was this way.
So, I went into food lion and video a purchase I made from the card. There, I had done it. Messed the video up that is. I clicked camera thinking I had hit video and still missed the proof.
So I decided to do it another way. And it worked.
The main point is that I was able to withdraw money from free gold and use that money to purchase good. How legit is that.
I am so excited now because I really couldn’t afford to buy gold according the the way it is bought globally, in grams and ounces. Now because of BitGold I can make many small purchases until I build up to make the bigger ones.
For as little as $10 to $25 you can purchase gold.
Or just invite others and earn your free gold.
Either way, I’m in.
I had to thank my buddy who introduced me to BitGold and now I introduce some of you to it.
With the financial state of the global economy I feel better now that I can purchase and invest in gold which has been a stable globally for years and will be for years to come.
If you have never seen BitGold, see it now.

Michael Harris
The Everyday Marketer

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