I’m Shooting Strait From The Hip- This Time

First of all, I want to wish each and every member of IBO, Administration, your family, friends, and peers, a very happy and safe holiday season. And I pray that you all will be successful in all you businesses and endeavors.

Usually, when I do a PR I will write it out first in a word document before I paste it into the PR tool here at IBO. But today I am shooting strait from the hip, per say. I had done an ad post last week called Fed Up. And it was about how I had become frustrated with alot of the products online and was really tired of the same thing over and over and over again. At least I thought I was. Then I got a call from a few friends that wanted me to look at some business presentations and I agreed since they always do the same for me. and I know they also asked because they know I do tons of research on anything before I get into it and they knew I would give them my honest opinion. So, here I go off to the races again after shouting I was fed up. And I must say that I was not disappointed.

All the meetings were the same except for the format. One was a google hangout, and 2 were hour long videos. I watched and listened to the usual intros of how their programs were far different from anything out there. How people joining were going to make tons of cold hard cash. And I also noticed that the money was always held back near the end or the very last thing. Automatically for me, the alarm went off in my mind because if this was truly different, I felt the money would be the first item. Since that is what people are looking for, show me the money.

I am sure you all know the rest of my story about the presentations so I will not go into detail about the programs. Finally they got to the money and talked about everything people were going to make. Then came the silent killer for me. 

The initial cost was over 100 bucks and then there was a hundred and fifty monthly plus PV’s that had to be met inorder to even be considered qualified to get paid. End of game for me. That was it. I called my friends and enrolled them into the new business I am currently doing. 

This business started in August of 2015, so it is only 4 months old but it is making money everyday. Yes!

I am sure you all have been hearing about it in IBO because several people are members here. And since I am so tired of all the crazyness in other programs, I am going to give you a short review about this business. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that one of my friends, I feel so bad for him and I am going to do everything in my power to help him be successful in his business, spent thousands for his program and when I saw the back office I crInged. I have the exact same back office in one of my free programs. How can these gurus continue to rob our brothers and sisters. I don’t have the heart to tell him because he explained to me he was going all in for the first time and I will be with him to do what I can.

Now, I want to introduce some of you to Ad Rotator IEC. This is the most amazing program I have ever seen. And this is what you get right out the gate:

Free lifetime customized domain

Free lifetime Cpanel

!00% Commissions paid Instantly and Direct to you.

Live online training like I have never experienced before.

There is a ONE-TIME cost of $67.00, that’s it out of your pocket. Now they do have a monthly upgrade but you don’t have to take it unless you want.

Multiple payments of $67 to you for every sale you make over and over and over again.

There is a 1-Up System involved that powers the Program and no matrices or binaries to fool with.

It really is amazing. All I do to get sales is tell people about it and if they are interested I send a video with my personal disclaimer attatched: Watching this Video will cause Sleepless nights!

That’s it. If I don’t feel like doing the work today, tomorrow, or even next week, it has not cost me another cent. And when I do start work again it will make money. 

Also, they teach you how to build your own website because after you pay the initial $67 bucks, the business is completely yours. With a few upgrades that are included, you have your own business. 

Now that is just the front end review, if I tell you more you might not be able to sleep until you contact me, lol.

In my humble opinion, and I know everyone has one, this is one of the best business models I have seen this year. I have been in 2 weeks and so far 7 sales and counting. 

I hope I have aroused your interest enough to cause you to want to at lease visit the site. Check it out and see for yourself. Or of you know someone who is really struggling to get started online tell them about Ad Rotation IEC.

God Bless each and everyone here. And I wish you all a prosperous New Year

Your Brother and Friend 

Mike Harris


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