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I do a lot of research online and sometimes spend countless hours studying different subjects involving online businesses. This gives me a break from doing my marketing and provides me the time to really see what everyone else is doing successfully. I look over different companies and opportunities of others and I compare them to what I am currently involved in, just to see how things measure out. Somehow I got stuck on a thread about how to find a legitimate home based business and since that is what I do I was off to the races for hours. And just as there are countless entries on subjects far and near, there were hundreds of entries about how to not only find a legitimate home based business but how to recognize them as well. Most of the articles compared the legit against the scam and everyone had differing views and some alike.

But I must admit that what seems to power up the scam is the amount of time these scams spend on money instead of building the creditability of the company and then talk about the money.  And most agree that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. With all the hype about making hundreds of thousands of dollars over night and instantly becoming a millionaire. How do people fall for that stuff I have no idea. I do understand it comes from the desperation and need to make money fast that traps so many into scams every day. And in recent years the scam artist had gotten smarter and wiser than ever before. They make it sound so good and easy and add a slice of legitimate lingo and we are off to the races again.

Then there are the people who declare programs as scams because they didn’t do what the program details. Now I will confess that I have been a part of programs I knew were scams because I did my due diligence. Yet, I came out on top because I didn’t get greedy. I have also used these type of programs that allow you to advertise on them so you can say the sale of advertisements legitimizes the program. Ok, if that’s what you want to believe. As long as I got my advertising out there I didn’t care whether I made anything or not. And I did got paying leads inside the program so my ROI wasn’t too bad. Next are all the lead companies out there guaranteeing their leads are legit and these leads have probably been re-sold time and time again. Well, I am not going down that rabbit hole in this article because I wanted to share an interesting section in an article I read about finding a legitimate home based business.  So that is enough about the scams because we all know they are there. It is up to the individual as to whether or not they get scammed.

Now the article came from a company named Legit Residual Income and was written by one of their writers named Eric. They never gave his last name, but his article was interesting  because he had a different angle in his article. This is what Eric said: from paragraph 3 and 4, of the article named:

What Makes an Online Business Legit?” @

Legitimate opportunities will always tell you what type of system their business is based on and how that system actually works to help you earn some level of income.*(a)

 Opportunities that are genuinely interested in helping you succeed will make sure that you have enough information up front to make an informed decision before joining up, and then provide comprehensive training to help you succeed.* (b)

Scams and incomplete business models usually only focus on the amount of money that you can earn through their program, money-hyping, without disclosing

any relevant details about how the model actually helps you achieve results.  Many people have unwittingly let themselves get drawn into promises of large payouts this way since, naturally, instant wealth is very enticing to any of us (especially when we need it the most).  

Always find out what the program is about, how it works, and whether any training is offered before signing on and investing yourself.*(c)

Also, don’t waste time on opportunities that require payment before disclosing information on the “whats” and “hows” of the business model.* (d)

If they can’t take the time to present you with vital details and information about their business up-front before asking for payment, then likely they’re only concerned with lining their own pockets with your hard earned cash*(e)


Now when I read what Eric had to say I was very happy I had done all my due diligence involving the program I am involved in right now. Ad Rotator IEC.

I was happy because before I joined the company, all these items Eric mentions were shown to me in detail and everyone gets the same treatment.

I placed alphabets behind each of Eric’s points I want to talk about for clarity.

a. They System and how it works- Ad Rotator IEC provides you with a very detailed Free Ebook about the company and a 1 hour business presentation that the Owner           Jerry does which is second to none. Jerry is very precise on all the details of the company and how it works. The consultant that brought me in made sure that I had           both even before he said a word to me about money. So, there is clarity about who the company is, what it does, how you can do it, and then lastly, how you can                  make money doing it.

b. All company information are provided and we receive weekly live training. They even teach us how to set up websites in the cpanel and rotate the front page as                    much as we like.

c. Another feature that amazed me was that the company never makes a dime until a consultant is ready to become an executive in the company. And it is the decision         that is made by the consultant alone. He/she can stay a regular member if they desire. Once becoming an executive member, the company gets only $9 monthly                   from that member. Omly $9.

d. Item (d) could have been included in (c) because they are so closely knit in the business that you can’t get one without the other. So the whats and the hows are                   explained 1st in detail.

e. Everything is presented up-front and then comes the money. A One-Time Payment of $67. That’s it, one-time.

Ad Rotator IEC does have a 1-Up system that powers its principal of Perpetual Leverage. This is one of the most amazing systems I have ever seen and experienced. The  perpetual leverage is so powerful, that if you just follow the training and do your work, you will make money and you will be successful, $67 at a time.

Ad Rotator IEC is an amazing opportunity and if you have not heard about it may be because it is only 5 months old. And so far everyone I know who follows the training is doing well in

this business. And it is the 1st opportunity where I have had people I invited into it have come back and thanked me for thinking enough about them to share the opportunity with them.

From what I see and read online, Ad Rotator IEC fit the bill for being a Legitimate Home Based Business.

Michael Harris, IEC, CEC

The Everyday Marketer

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