MLM Gateway: Review

Yesterday I came across a program called MLM Gateway. I wasn’t really looking for anything so I am not sure how                                                                                                     ended up on this program page, but I am glad I did.
When I 1st read the intro about the program I immediately said to myself, not another one. But as I read on the                                                                                                             info caused me to art least take a look.
Upon landing on the page I was impressed with the design of the website.
The color scheme was soft to my eyes and very clean and easy to read.
The very 1st question on the website was this:
“Does your business need more leaders? Increase the growth of your business with our unique social platform.                                                                                                             Get verified network marketing leads”.
The question and the answer within those 2 short lines caused me to read further.

Next came the bullet points about how the business could help you build your business:
Talk to network marketing prospects from your country
Fastest way to expand your MLM business
Get quality MLM lead every day for free
Meet real people looking for business opportunity
Promote your website and attract new leaders to your team
Advertise to your target audience

This has become very interesting so I signed up to really see if they were different from the other lead programs.

At the present time they have 2497 members
They have sent out 27936 request from members asking to connect with other members.
And there were currently 54 members online at the time of this writing.

So I confirmed my email address and when I logged in I was very impressed at the platform where the members                                                                                                                   are listed.
You get the opportunity to see what business each member is in.
Their name, their state of country of residence, what they are interested in and surprisingly what they are not                                                                                                           interested in. This feature alone saves you time. If they are not interested
why waste your time and theirs.
And a one click connect button the send our a request to connect with one another.

The 1st hour I connected with 5 people. We did a brief chat and then I looked at their business and they looked at mind.
I immediately contacted some of my friends and told them about MLM Gateway and they joined.
I received 10 points for each sign-up that gives me points to run my free advertising.
And they have a press release area where you can give a detailed report about your business.
I did mine and by 9 o’clock the same day , I had listed over 22 more leads.
Today, so far another 15.

If you have not heard about MLM Gateway, let me extend you a very personal invitation to check it out and grab some                                                                                       targeted, qualified leads that are real people.

The more leads, the more opportunity to make money.

Michael Harris, IEC

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