Quality vs Quantity List Building- You Decide

Ever since I have been doing internet marketing I have heard it said that Money is in the list and the list is money.

I have also been told that
without a list, you don’t stand a chance in making money and surely not
making money consistently. I agree with these statements to a degree
and I will explain why I said to a degree.I have made money online even before
I understood what list building was. But now that I know and understand, I agree it is a much better way to make money online.
And I have been trying not to write this blog post because I know it will
offend some people and it just might piss some others off. Oh well.

I received another email from a marketer I know who is a leader in our
program and I am glad I am in many different programs. That way it cannot
be easily figured out just who I might be referring to. For fun’s sake I
will name the person Shem. This is a derivative of the male pronoun “he”
and the female pronoun “she”. I came up with Shem as a way to hide the actual
gender of the person. I am not writing this to offend, criticise, or ridecule
the person. I am just amazed that they have to stupe to tactics like this to
build their list, when what they are doing is against what we are taught in our
list building classes.

So, before I go on, I want to ask you a very important question that only you can answer for yourself.
Do you want quantity or quality in you list building practices?                      

Your answer will determine just how successful you will be.

What has me so up set is the I get tons of emails daily. I may be a fool but I
feel that it is my duty to at least view the subject of every email I get. I
know that is crazy, but this my credo to the business. I even read 90% of the
spam I get. Again I know it is crazy but it is helping me learn the business
and every aspect of it. I understand why relatively good looking email subject
lines end up in the spam. If you never take the time to look some of them over,
you could be making the same mistake that they made causing your emails to end up in the spam folder as well.
Now, because I do this, I just don’t have time for trick emails.

The Problem
I have been getting email from a very well known marketer and I am in most of his programs because they are great.

So when ever he sends me an email, I always  read it. Lately I am getting emails from him, but when I click it, it goes
to a totally different person, whom also I know, and their program, which I am a part of also.

There seems to be a major problem here. They are stealing his name and
reputation to get people to open their emails. So. actually , in all definitions
of the word, SPAM, I am getting spammed because I never asked Shem, or gave Shem my permission to email me.

And if I were to notify my friend about what was happening I know exactly what he would do. I question whether

or not I should notify Shem, but since Shem has been doing this longer than I have, would it make any difference?
This brings me back to the question. Do you want a quantity list, built on the
premise of anything goes. Trickery, lying and deceit? Or do you want a list of
quality that is build by presenting the best products you can? By being truthful
in every aspect of the program. And once i realize you lied to get me to click
on your email, why should I buy anything from a lier?

I don’t know about you but I have moved to a different way of list building.
I call it truth marketing because that is exactly what they get. No matter
how much the program cost. No matter how many upsells of downsells.

No matter how strong or weak the program might be, I tell them everything.
I want a list of people who have the same mindset as I do.
Yes this is much slower. Yes this is much harder. Yes this is very time
consuming and frustrating. But at the end of the day, I have quality
people in my list and quality always beats out quantity in this game,
and yes I have experienced both sides of the list building process.

 I have list of many different sizes. The larger list produce far less than the small list.

And I was using similar practices in all the list. It’s just the list that requires the member to do less and actually get less in

the end, build quicker because they feel they are getting something for nothing.
And every legitimate list builder knows that is an illusion that far too
many marketers use and far too many newbies get killed financially.
Like I said, its up to you.
Finally, I have even seen marketers now using X rated pics to get people to
click. Even when most list programs state pronography is not allowed, it
seems as long as they get a founder or an elite membership, anything goes.

Well, I feel much better now. Thank you for reading.
In 2016, I am looking for qualtiy people to join my programs. I know this is
going to take a little longer, but believe me, quality last far longer than

I would love to hear what many of you think about this subject.
Please leave a comment. If you like it, share it with your people.
There are no links in this, just reaching out to you to get your opinion.

Happy New Year, And Stay Blessed.
Michael Harris, IEC

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