Just give me the BareBones

I decided to share this experience I had the other day in hopes it will help you decide on the right business opportunity when it presents itself. If you are like me I know you are flooded with opportunities day in and day out. Sometimes it seems that the only email I ever get is an intro to a new opportunity. i remember when my emails were from family and friends about coming events we were having or just a email to stay in touch. But now, even my secret email get bombarded every day. Now mind you, I am not fussing I am just stating a fact. And I realize that the only way to find a great opportunity is to expose yourself to many opportunities. You just have to endure through it , in order to get to it.


Now I also like hearing about new thinks because I am always looking for new tools to encompass my present business, so I will listen. But lately I really have been having to fall back on a method I call the Bare Bones comparison because it will quickly help me find out the most important details about any business I am looking at. Now, I taught myself this method a few years back and it works like gang busters to help me find what I really want and need for my business.


Ok, got a message from a friend online about this new business he just knew I would want to be a part of. So, I called him up and let him know that I got his message and I was calling to find out what it was about. He immediately went into what I call the “Show before I say no Process”, because even though I was listening he had helped me make up my mind right off the back. He says, Mike, you have never seen of experienced a program like this. We have everything you need to be successful. Part one of our program is unlimited travel. Part 2 is the health part of our program. Part 3 is the massive training portal where you can talk to someone 24/7. Part 4 of our program are our massive ebook collection where we train you about business. Part 5, our health products that will make you feel extra healthy.

And he continues so I had to say hold it man. Hold it. Every program has tons of bells and whistles but before you go any further, just please give me the Bare Bones of the business. He said, Bare bones? I answered yes, the Bare Bones. I don’t need to hear about all the other stuff, just tell me up front, how much will I make verses the cost. He says oh, ok.


Well level 1 you pay $99 and $99 per month but you have to meet your personal volume and a customer volume as well to be qualified to get paid.

Then we have level 2 that cost $200 and some bucks, $99 per month and you have to meet the same PV’s and Cv’s in order to get paid. And then the cream of the crop, Lever 3. This baby is loaded and cost $300 and some bucks along with $99 per month and the same PV’s and CV’s in order to get paid. And you will make unlimited income. I thought to myself, I better with prices like that. And I said to him wow, that’s quite a bit that you get. How are you doing in the business? His face showed a different opinion from what his reply was. He said he was doing fantastic but his facial expressions told a different story. Now I didn’t play with him and I asked him if I could share the Bare Bones of the business I am in and he replied of course.


Ok, first of all our program is $67 one-time cost.

You get a free lifetime customized domain.

You get a free lifetime Cpanel- which controls every aspect of your website.

We teach you how to build it.

You get paid instantly $67 per referral.

You get paid direct.

Our program finds the people for you– Ad posting and Facebook- Marketing flexibility

Gives them a professional presentation for you

You get your own free give-a-way $10,000/mo. Ad Rotation book

You get a Decentralized system – You control your entire business process

You get a complete ad rotation video training course (over 15 videos)

Along with 19 other down to earth parts of the system.

You have NO Monthly Auto ships

No personal volume to make

No customer volume to meet


You get all this for only $67 One-Time.

He asked me a few more questions about the training and then asked me how much I made per sale. My reply $67.00.


He said wow, and walked away. But this is not the first time I have seen people walk away after hearing about our program. I understand because there is nothing else like it online today, nothing.


And this is my Bare Bones method of comparing opportunities. Just skip all the flash, all the whistles, all the bells, and show me how much I will get paid and what the cost is. That’s all.


So far I have found nothing that matches Ad Rotator IEC.

And just incase you have not heard of it, and just in case you have not taken a look see, just click the banner below and see for yourself.

1- UP Perpetual Leverage

Ain’t nothing wrong with these bare Bones.


Michael Harris I.E.C

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