A Tip Worthy of Thought- Starting A Online Business

Ok, so you have decided to try your hand at making money online and that is a fantastic decision. Not only is it fantastic, but it could be a decision that has the potential to change your life. And since all decisions are a 2 part equation, 1 being good and the other bad, I have a few suggestions for you that I wish someone would have shared with me. You see I do make money online every day and it hasn’t been easy. Most of the things I have learned are the results of my experiences online, both good and bad. I have been a business builder for over 25 years now and have been successful in most of my offline endeavors. That being said, when I decided to start online I just knew I would be a millionaire in a matter of months. Stop the Press- that was my biggest mistake. I listened to all the hype, and leaned to my own knowledge. Ingredients for failure stew, and fail I did. Although the internet is an amazing place to make money, it can also be a money trap and a dream killer if you don’t understand the nature of it. But for me, I was blessed because I found people who spoke truth to me even when I didn’t want to listen. And one day I finally heard them and everything changed.  And now I am going to share just a few of the things I have learned that have helped me to be successful and I believe they will help you as well.


 I have never heard anyone tell a new person this.

Before you even begin online, take a day and really think about what it is you want to achieve, how you will accomplish it, and most importantly, decide how you want to be paid.

Now the main reason to take a day to decide what you want to achieve is because without having a clear understand of this, is like being out of gas in the middle of the ocean. Think about it, you wanted to be out there in the ocean and were excited to go. Then once you get there, you are out of gas and stuck. This is what happens to most of us when we start our online businesses. We are so excited just to be out there. We move quickly and jump on board fully ready, we thought.


Then it fizzles and we are out of gas. And we have no idea of how to get back to our starting place.  Cyberspace is the same way. It is so huge that you can get stuck if you didn’t actually plan out how you will achieve your goal. It’s the same as planning a long road trip. We decide where we want to go. Map out the directions and we estimate how many refills of gas we will need to get to our destination and back home again.


Next we evaluate what we need as well to reach our destination. Which vehicle to drive, what clothes to wear and what foods we might want to eat. The point is, we took the time to plan before we did anything. It is no different online.


Understanding how I want to be paid was a major decision for me. Because this alone will give direction and for sight on what you need to do to be successful.

 When I first started online I just jumped out there and never gave a thought to exactly how I wanted to be paid.  Sure I knew the basics like having a Merchant account. And I understood the amounts that could be made. What I didn’t understand was exactly how I wanted to be paid and unknowingly that provided structure and direction for me.

This is what I am talking about:

You must understand the process of how to be paid and how much you want to be paid. I know everyone will say as much as possible. Ok, but how will you attack the method.

Sell to smaller audiences or large.

If you sell small then you must work extremely hard. If you sell large the effort must be made but there will be a different structure.

To make $1200 online each month these things must be decided upon.

You will need 240 small sales of $ 5.00

 You will need 120 sales at $10.

You will need 12 sales at $100        

You will need 2 sales at $600.00

The higher the sale the less sales are needed.

If you understand this alone, it will give direction in everything you do online.

Personally I use several ways and that works for me. I have friends who only do big ticket items and they are as happy as I am.

Well, let me bring this to a close. I just wanted to share a few of the things that have made me successful and give more direction to my decisions for the future.

Finally, if you plan out what you are going to do and it fails, it will leave footprints that you can follow to see exactly where the breakdown came.  If you just jump in full steam ahead, if you fail you may not ever understand why.


Never give UP!

Michael Harris     

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