Extra Extra, Read All About It. Online Sales Pro is A Lead Monster- Review

If you haven’t heard about Online Sales Pro, you are missing something great.
So it’s time for you to hear about it now. Understand now that this review is coming from a guy that had the sickness, the “Shiny Object Sickness”.
You know what I am talking about, where you compulsively buy everything that shines as the next big thing. Or that final piece of the puzzle that only made the puzzle more confusing. And I think most of us had this sickness but only a few of us are willing to admit how much we spent and lost.

Go ahead, raise your hand, you know you did it to. But at least when you understand and admit you itto yourself, like me, you get the power to stop and the wisdom to learn from your mistakes. Did I say wisdom, yea I did because it taught me what to look for in order to build my business. So now when I am in cyber space if it won’t build my business, I just don’t buy. And I have also learned what to look for and because of this fact, and my past experience, people call me everyday from all over asking me about programs and products. Now I had to say all that so you will understand just why I feel Online Sales Pro is the needed next big thing.

Ok, here we go. I received the invite as usual to check out this new program and I did. I set aside several hours so I could really do my due diligence. As I viewed the intro video I began to say to myself, here I go again until the guy in the video started offered a 7 day free trial to anyone who could prove him wrong. I took it and now I am glad I did.
Online Sales Pro makes the boast that using their software you can promote any business and most softwares do. Except OSP took this promotion to a whole new level. When they say promote any business they were not kidding.

Check this out:
Comes pre-loaded with already made landing pages for over 25 businesses and niche markets. There are more than that but I just have not counted them all.
If you don’t see what you want just make your own with their drag and drop software.
The phone app is amazing that comes fully loaded and ready to go right from the Istore or google play. And when anyone sign up, you get instant, real time notifications and you can immediately send an email, text message, or call from the app. This alone increases conversions.
The phone app ties into the lead management system.
And the cost is relatively low compared to everything you get.
I have seen software like this sell so high that many people had to walk away.

In closing I believe you need to experience the system for yourself.
My first day, not even being familiar with the system, I got 3 leads from 83 clicks I sent to 5 safelist, that was in the first 4 hours. Then the next day after another 100 clicks I got 4 more and 1 sale. Oh I forgot to mention the commissions and fun interactive training you get.
Look, imagine all the companies out there, and all the people struggling to make money. You create a page in their niche, and offer to show them how to increase their lead base exponentially. Ideas anyone?

Here is my simple invitation for you to see what I call A Lead Monster

Michael Harris
The Everyday Marketer

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