How to Kill Your Chances for Online Success: Dedicated To Newbies and the Not So New

Over the past 4 years I have seen a behavior occur over and over again online and I am at the point where I just don’t understand. Well, I sort of understand but in all truth, it distresses me. And maybe even distresses is the wrong word for it. It flat out pisses me off. Yes I used a strong adjective to describe the way I feel about it because I see so many people over and over and over again do this to their own detriment. And at the same time they say they are trying to build a business online. Or they say they are searching for the right program. Or they say they are looking for the right people to connect with. Or they say a number of things that are so farfetched and opposite of the very thing they do.

And I am going to tell you exactly what I am talking about but I have to fuss just a little more. I see them join every program under the sun and kill themselves. I see them join legitimate programs and kill themselves. I see them join scams and kill themselves. And maybe that’s a good thing involving scams. But what really cooks my goose is that there are so many good, legitimate programs, so many real and good people willing to help them in any way that they can. Yet, how can you help someone who kills everything they do before the help can reach them


That’s right, they commit business suicide, yet they live to do it time and time again and then want to blame all their failings on the program or the people connected to the program. Ok, enough fussing, let’s get to the point.

I have been in business for myself over 30 years now off-line. And my businesses have been very successful. I have been online now for over 4 years and business is growing and I am making consistent income monthly. At least my businesses have paid for themselves and I am seeing good profits. Now, off-line I have seen this occur also but no way near the amount of times I have seen it occur online.

People come and ask if I can help them get into business or talk with them about the things they need to do to be successful. I simply ask them for their name and phone number and guess what? 35 to 40 % of them will give me either the wrong name, the wrong phone number, or both. How in God’s name can you help someone who won’t give you this information? Who are you supposed to talk to, the hand? Why do you ask for help, and then you take away any opportunity for me to help. Amazing!

Now this suicide occurs 100 fold online. I have gotten so tired and frustrated over people giving me the wrong info and then beg for help.

There is no way to connect, there is now way to inform, there is no way to provide the opportunity if you are going to continue to put mis-information in the equation. Do you really want help? Do you really want success? Then put the right information on the form so we can help YOU!

Newbies and the not so new, this is personal suicide on your part and it

Pushes you further from the success you so desperately seek. I realize that fear might be causing you to do this but if someone really wants your information, all they have to do is search the net.

And in ending my appeal, please, please put your correct info on the form so people like me and so many others may begin to introduce you to money making opportunities that are real and available. And if you just follow this humble appeal, you will see that good fortune has not passed you by, but has been waiting for you to give your correct name, phone number, and email address.

Waiting on You

Michael Harris

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