Feeling Stressed Out, No Problem- Color Me Happy

The use of adult coloring books is quickly spreading across the internet. Now this might seem strange to some and somewhat silly, but doctors have been using coloring books for some 20 years now in cases involving mental stress.

And the adult coloring books are being added to relaxation techniques and treatments more and more every day. Book stores are reporting the massive increase in adult coloring books leaving their shelves in large numbers.

For years people who have been using coloring books state that they feel calmer, mentally clearer, happier and more relaxed. And these reports should not be a surprise. When you consider that all crafts and art hobbies tend to direct the brain into focusing on the art itself, and relieves the person coloring from the stressful thoughts if only for a little while. And we know that once stress if eased and calmer thinking takes place, often the problem or situation causing the stress is solved. Simply from a calmer approach to the problem.

We could go on and on about all the positive reports coming from doctors. We could send you to the web to countless reports on the benefits of the adult coloring books.

But it would be easier if you saw some of the books and pages so you could see what all the rage is about. Better yet, why not experience the relaxing effects of these books for yourself.

Further down this page you will find the words TryMe,  where you can download a few pages from our upcoming line of adult coloring books called, The Tranquility One Line- “Color Me Happy”.

To simply download a few sample pages click here ==>TryM<==

If you like the experience, go here  to request more information.

1st Edition of Tranquility One, Color Me Happy comes out on the 1st of June.

The Tranquility One Line is a series of 10 books, 15 full coloring pages and 5 bonus pages.

By the way, these books have so many uses. They are used in adult coloring groups, recreation centers, family time and they make exquisite gifs.


Enjoy and Let’s get ready to Color Me Happy

Michael Harris

The Everyday Marketer


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