Overweight? Hum, Very Interesting- The New Perspective

I really have no idea what brought this question to my mind but the results of just a few searches on the internet brought me some amazing information. Let’s call it food for thought since I was having breakfast at the time. The past week has been very hectic for me and my wife Sandy. Monday we were in Boston Mass with our friend Dr. Jeffrey Lant and we returned on Wednesday. During this time we ate at several different places where the menus were as diverse as the people who owned them.

We had Chinese one day for lunch, American for breakfast, and Italian I believe the next. But what caught my eye was the fact that the people in each seemed to bare the same characteristics. There were slim, average, over weigh and obese at each eatery. But the thing that really caught my eye was the fact that those people who were classified as overweight seemed to look healthier than all the rest. And these were just random observations, nothing in particular, but that was until this morning.

We were in I Hop when I noticed the same characteristic in the people that walked by as I did in Boston. So I decided to do a search online and these are the results I found.

My question was, “do overweight people die more than average sized people”?

I must admit I was fascinated about what I found online.

Here are just a few of the answers I found. There were many more but these caught my focus at the moment.


The Time

Being Overweight Is Linked to Lower Risk of Mortality

By Laura Blue Jan. 02, 2013

The longest lived among us aren’t necessarily those who are of normal weight, says a new study.

According to new research this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), researchers say that being overweight may lead to a longer life…..For full Article go here: 



The Telegraph

Overweight people less likely to die early than the slim, study shows

 By: Sarah Knapton, science editor

10 MAY 2016 • 4:00PM

Millions of Britons classed as overweight actually have a lower risk of death than those who are slimmer and deemed to be the most healthy, a new study suggests. The definition of ‘overweight’ may need to change after research showed that the healthiest size has increased by 3.3 Body Mass Index (BMI) points since the 1970s. People who have a BMI of 27 – which is officially classed as overweight – now have the lowest risk of dying from any condition…..

For full article go to: 


Thin is in, but fat might be better

By Lisa O’Neill Hill, Special to CNN

Updated 8:32 AM ET, Wed January 16, 2013

When Janet Servoss shops for clothes in Orange County, California, she sees plenty of selection in sizes 0, 2 and 4, but fewer in sizes 12 and 14.

“You’re bombarded by it daily,” she said of the message that thin is better. “It’s everywhere.”

But according to a report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, being thin might not be in your best interest in the long run. The report is drawing strong reaction in the medical community, among proponents who hail its findings and among critics, one of whom dismisses it as “rubbish.”

The comprehensive study confirmed that obese people tend to die earlier than people of normal weight. But it also found that overweight people — those with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 to 30 — had a lower risk of dying than people of normal weight…..

For full article go to: 


 The fascinating thing about these articles is that they fall into the trend of the past few years. Where we are told this is bad for you, that is bad for you, don’t do this and don’t do that. But now it is said to have been a quick judgement because now this is good for you when we first said it was bad. And now it is good for you to do this where before we told you it was bad. And the whole time the people bought in to the findings of major companies and tv doctors who stood behind the company’s products.

This is another researched topic that could cause large ripples in the health care industry. This very subject could change the spending habits of so many people who ran directly after anything the companies and their TV doctors promoted.


Go now to each article and read it for yourself and see what the trends are saying. You might be surprised as I was.


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