The Mermaid Girl


I really didn’t know quite how I was feeling this morning. It rained like crazy last night but this morning it’s a little overcast. And at 7:15 am, my mind appears to be in a mess. I can’t describe it as depression because truly it is not. I won’t describe it as lost, because I have too many daily things in my schedule that I do and these keep me directed. 6:00 am I am at my post for Worldprofit as I help to watch over the system that we use to help people build their home based businesses around the world. At 7 it’s time for me to check with the wife to see if she wants to go to breakfast. This is my most favorite time of day because we take these few hours for us. Away from everyone, these are our special hours where we just enjoy each other’s company. By 10: 30am I am at my computer doing what I can to build my online business. But early this morning I was in limbo.

I felt that sickening feeling you get when you question yourself asking. Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing? Is this my purpose in life? Am I making a difference for my family? Am I making a difference in this world? And lastly and most important, is God happy with me.

It is very rare that I reach this point but it is nothing new to me. Usually my schedule keeps me busy so I just hold to the plow and move forward. But today, I allowed myself to get somewhat lost in the process.

So I began to just search the internet, for what I have no idea. Yet it had to be providence because I ended up on a story that intrigued me. The title was, “The Mermaid Girl”. This caught my attention and I went to the story.

What I found there was the story of a little girl who lived life to the fullest. Living only 10 years her life was far more rewarding than some people who have lived to be 60 or 70.

And as I watch captivated by what I was watching, hearing and learning about this special little girl.

Seeing all the sacrifice that her parents made, the loss of jobs to keep her full time, and their eventual divorce because they lost the love they had from being their 27/7 for their daughter. But this story was not about all the loss. But the power and joy of the life God had given her.

The more I watched the more I had to repent for being so selfish. I had to repent for not always thanking God for the life I have. Yes I have been through some terrible experiences with pain. I had suffered rejection to the point that I felt all was lost at times. But as I watched this little girl go through so much more than I could have imagined. I began being thankful again for everything I have. Focusing on what I have and not what I don’t have.

I immediately began to enjoy even this moment of confusion because it lead me to this little girl.

In this short moment, just an hour and a half of watching the 2 movies dedicated to this little girl. Shiloh Pepin showed me that I must enjoy life as it is. Enjoy every moment. Enjoy every minute; enjoy every person in your life.

Life is short and it doesn’t matter what people think. And as Shiloh said many times in the movies, “It’s who you are inside that makes the difference”.

It was not a mistake that I ended up watching this video this morning. It was my time to meet joy in the fullest. It was just my time to actually see what joy is about.

Joy is about loving every minute of your life and being the best you can be.

And amazingly, it took a Little Mermaid Girl, to bring me back to the place I need to be.


Thank You God, I know You brought me to this video.

So, if you are at that place where I was this morning. If you are not finding the joy of living. If you are really feeling sorry for yourself.

Go here and take the time to watch the story of Shiloh.

You will be glad you did and you will focus on the joy in your life. Shiloh did, and we can to.


The Mermaid Girl

Part 1


The Mermaid Girl Pt.2



Michael Harris


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