My Independence Day- What This Day Means To Me. Excuse Me, Mine not Yours! Lol

This truly is An Independence Day for me. It took me 34 long, hard, frustrating years for me to get my Rights back!!!!

And I declare I would not change one minute of this time.
I truly understand what it means to have your rights, not just as a United States Citizen, but also as a human being, and mostly a Citizen of the Kingdom of God.
God in His all wise providence, never makes a mistake. And He alone knew exactly what it took to get me to this point.

Each and every player who God positioned to play specific roles in my life.
A Father and Mother who would not let me fail.
A Sister who operated subliminally in my mind and would cause me to physically pull back and not cross the line of never return.
Brothers who inspired me.
Aunts who taught me it was ok to be yourself and have fun.
Uncles who showed me what being men were all about. Not about perfection but using what you have and being who you are to succeed.
Cousins who went on excellent adventures with me as kids and are now inspiring me as abults.

Nieces and nephews who continue to inspire me and hold me in a lace of youth that gives me the energy to go on.
My wife, My Friend, My Baby, taken directly from my mind. Really God pulled her from my mind. And He gave me what I needed and wanted.
My Children, Ed, Sha, Toni, Mike Jr., Watch out world these 4 have me on the inside of them waiting to burst out. And they have the best part of me. That love that reaches far beyond what the natural eye can see and touches the things which are not, to become the things which are. These , my children, are creative by nature, strong genetically, and strong because they have strong parents.

God knows I can’t name everyone but you all are a part of me.
I do have to throw just a few more names out there though, because it would be wrong if I didn’t.
Joe Garrett, met him the summer of 82.
I needed a job and he became my Brother.
He believed in me when I just didn’t want to believe in myself. My closest friend.

Only God put him in my life and truly Joe has done and is doing what God assigned him to do.
My Pastor Dr. Bishop, MorethanBishop, Cecil Bridgeforth.
He spoke life into me when I was dying inside, pulled me from the brinks of hell, and established my place in the family of God.
Retha, took care of my babbies when I was lost in the drug world. Kevin Hardin, Monroe, Lou, hide me when trouble came to destroy me. Wadie, a true Homie, NSC forever Baby.
Richard Smith, we don’t die, we multiply through God’s grace and Mercy, and then we overcome anything in our way!
Oh Yes it’s an Independence Day alright.
Let’s Celebrate for all who have given so much for our Life, and those who cntinue to do so. Have an Awesome 4th!!!!!!

Michael HarrisĀ 

The Everyday Marketer

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