Personal Thoughts I rarely share. I Am My Product

Life wasn’t meant to be easy and success is not a guarantee.
But with just a few adjustments to our thinking patterns and
the constant refilling of our imagination with solid facts,
life gets easier and success is achievable. 

Will you be a success? I can’t answer that because the
only one I can speak on is me.
You may not be willing to force yourself to grow  like I am.
You may not be willing to look at your own shortcomings.
You may not be willing to accept the fact that you control
your destiny and all the good and bad that incorporates
itself into your circle through the choices you make.
You may not be willing to admit to yourself that you cannot
make this journey alone and you need all the help you can get.
You may not be willing to understand and accept the fact that
your level of achievement will be based on your level of
knowledge. You cannot excel higher than what you know.
These are just a few of the factors that make my life easier
and my success achievable.  

Everyday as I look into the mirror preparing for life I tell
myself these truths. 

1- I was created for a purpose and a reason.
2- I must search to understand that purpose and reason,
it’s ever-changing.
3- There is only One who can define my purpose and reason.
4- I am not a mistake
5- I have value and must share my value everywhere I go.
6- No one can define me.
7- Only a few people really know me
8- Only a few people really support me.
9- No one has the ability to define my success or my life.
10- I am a living paradigm.
When I should have lost I won.
When I should have fell apart I became closer in myself.
When I should have failed I succeeded.
When I deserved nothing, God gave me what I needed.
I am what I am and moving forward to who I am supposed to be.
In my life as a paradigm, as I add more truth information I
cannot hold back the growth, the achievement, the sheer joy,
life gets easier and success becomes attainable. 

Because of the Greater who lives in me, I cannot be stopped only slowed. 

                                        I cannot lose but wait for my turn to win.

                                        I don’t have to be 1st in line to get my blessing
because I am already blessed. 

                                        Though I die daily I rise to live again daily.

                                        I utterly refuse to remain the same and will daily
force myself to grow. 

                                        I refuse to listen to all the noise and hear the One.

                                        I will enjoy life as it relates to my circle and my circle
is growing every day. 

                                        I am not Perfect in any way, but I press towards the mark
of a high calling from One so much greater than I. 

                                        I am not AFRAID.

After reading this please listen to this song

I have been a successful businessman for over 35 years now and my business has changed
and grown with time as all successful business must do.  

I have broadened my business approach to a multi-business platform of solid and
concrete money makers.  

If you are searching for a way to improve your financial condition get in contact with me.
But understand that any successful change only comes through a lifestyle change.
You cannot be successful with bad living habits, it just won’t work. 

I am a Christian Businessman and my spirituality controls everything I do.
If that is a problem please exit the page. I will not change.
But if you can understand that my spirituality won’t let me play games with you or fool
you into something that is a scam. Let’s talk. 

I use to complain about everything relating to business and life in general. That
was until I faced the fact that there can be no change until I become the agent for change.
You must be in a position to change what is wrong and direct the wrong to right.
This I have done and I am willing to allow you into my circle to find out for yourself. 

Be Blessed and always look Up
Michael Harris
Owner Harrio’s Fast Tax
Certified E-Business Consultant
Phone: 434-489-3542
Skype: michael.harris628

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