My Special Guest: People of Interest

In my Special Guest Section I will be introducing you to people you may already know or have seen online.

Many will be new and upcoming Marketers from around the world who are truly working to build their 

businesses online but at the same time hold the true essence of online marketing as value and strive to

help other be successful as well. 

Some will be newbies and others will be very experienced. But my goal is to introduce you to people I know

will provide value to you and not just images of grandeur. Being successful online as with any business requires

hard work and dedication. My special guest will exemplify these characteristics in life and business.

With that said my Special Guest today is a young lady  I am so excited to share this information with you today about. She is a wonder person, a powerful, determined business person, a mentor, and a friend,

Linda Elze Linda Else.

Linda is a Senior Monitor and Sales Champion for Worldprofit and she is a model of excellence. I love to hear the story written by our CEO and mentor                         Dr. Jeffery Lant as he shares with us about Linda and how she got to the point of excellence she now boldly holds. It wasn’t easy and there were time she was       about to give up. But we are told how she faced adversity and succeeded.

But, instead of me trying to re-write what Dr. Lant shared, just click on the link to the story in and you will get to know this wonderful person.

So click here ==> Linda<== and enjoy. You may also contact Linda and you will see her details in the article. Now I must tell you up front. If you want to start a home based business and don’t know how or what direction to move in, ask Linda. But she doesn’t play around because she loves to help serious people like herself attain their dreams.

It really is an honor to share her information and we are so glad that we are connected with her. 

So, click the link and get to know Linda for yourself.

Michael Harris

The Everyday Marketer


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